US fighter jet crashes into sea in Japan – reports

A US F-15 fighter jet has crashed into the sea near the Japanese island of Okinawa, Reuters reports, citing local media. Okinawa houses a controversial American military presence, which has been the subject of numerous protests.

Two pilots ejected from the fighter jet, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo and public broadcaster NHK, who have reported the crash. At least one was later rescued, but both of their conditions are unknown so far.

The jet reportedly took off from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa and crashed some 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the coast.

The US Air Force base at Okinawa has been plagued with technical mishaps. At least 25 incidents and emergencies have taken place over Japan in 2017. On at least three occasions, objects fell from US military aircraft and onto Japanese school grounds, prompting a high alert. One school close to US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma reportedly advises students to take shelter every time helicopters approach, which has happened over 300 times since October.


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