Taliban video shows captive American professor pleading for life

The Taliban has released a video of an American man taken captive in Afghanistan pleading for his life.

The clip released Wednesday is the first time that Kevin King has been seen since he was kidnapped in August outside the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul.

Both King and Australian hostage Timothy Weeks, also a professor at the university, appeared in an emotional 13-minute video where they appear to be forced to plead to President-elect Donald Trump.

“If you do not negotiate with them we will be killed,” King, unshaven, says as he repeatedly breaks down.

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He says the Taliban is asking for the release of prisoners being held in “Bagram,” presumably the U.S. airbase there.

The U.S. State Department said it could not confirm that the video was authentic.

Not Released (NR)

King was a professor at the American University of Kabul until he was taken captive in August.

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“Taking and holding civilian hostages is reprehensible and we condemn such actions in the strongest terms,” spokesman Mark Toner said.

The two professors are not the only Westerners taken captive by the Taliban as it seeks to destabilize the country after the departure of most NATO troops.

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American Caitlan Coleman, from Pennsylvania, and her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle have been held captive by Taliban since 2012.

They were seen in an unverified video in late December where they urged governments to negotiate their release from “the Kafkaesque nightmare in which we find ourselves.”

The wife of Paul Overby, who disappeared in Afghanistan two years ago while going to interview someone for his book about the war in the country, said last week that she believes the 74-year-old had been abducted.

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