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YouTube TV service goes haywire in midst of England-Croatia World Cup Semi-final

Google’s internet-delivered subscription TV service, YouTube TV, has suffered outages across the US right as it was airing the Fox broadcast of the 2018 World Cup semi-final match between England and Croatia. Even though the US national team did not qualify for the World Cup, Americans have seemingly not been immune to the football fever that has gripped the world ...

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What is ‘reputable’ news? YouTube plans to decide for you

YouTube will invest $ 25 million in funding “quality journalism” on its platform. The initiative will aim to provide context and to promote ‘reputable’ sources; but there are doubts as to what, exactly, that might mean. YouTube announced the initiative on Monday, and says it aims to make “it easier to find quality news” and improve “the news experience on ...

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YouTube is fighting fighting fake news with $25M to promote journalism and more context in search results

YouTube announced new measures today to stem the spread of conspiracy theory videos and fake news on its platform, including inserting context from trustworthy sources into search results about hot topics. In a blog post, YouTube also said it is working with the Google News Initiative, which was launched by its parent company earlier this year to support journalists and ...

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‘Promoting terrorism?’ N. Ireland loyalist band parade video removed by YouTube

YouTube has reportedly removed a tranche of online accounts that shared loyalist band parades because they were deemed to be promoting terrorist organizations. Around 10 Youtubers, some with years of footage documenting Northern Ireland’s Ulster loyalist traditions, have had their pages terminated for breaking the Google-owned company’s policy. The action has prompted criticism from unionists, and comes after Youtube confirmed ...

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Putin ‘nervous’ about terrorists on Telegram, but no plan to crack down on YouTube & social networks

Vladimir Putin insists Russia has no intention of restricting social media, but admitted he was “nervous” about security concerns posed by Telegram and other hard-to-monitor channels of online communication. Asked by leading blogger Gusein Gasanov to comment “on rumors that YouTube, Instagram and other social media” could be blocked in Russia during his Direct Line live broadcast on Thursday, the ...

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Teens dump Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat

A Pew survey of teens and the ways they use technology finds that kids have largely ditched Facebook for the visually stimulating alternatives of Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. Nearly half said they’re online “almost constantly,” which will probably be used as a source of FUD, but really is just fine. Even teens, bless their honest little hearts, have doubts about ...

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YouTube in hot water over reordering subscription feeds

YouTube is facing public anger after tinkering with subscription feeds. The video streaming company claims it’s merely trying to help users “find the videos they want to watch,” but the users and creators are not amused. The new subscription algorithm started displaying videos in a non-chronological order, and it didn’t sit well with some users. Having received complaints on Twitter, ...

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YouTube revamps its Red subscription service to offer standalone music streaming

Like Google’s messaging focus, YouTube’s efforts to spin out successful streaming and music products has felt confusing and haphazard. Now the company is simplifying and consolidating that play by decoupling the music and film components with the launch of a new service. YouTube Music is, as the name suggests, a music streaming service that will launch on May 22. Aimed ...

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YouTube rolls out new tools to help you stop watching

Google’s YouTube is the first streaming app that will actually tell users to stop watching. At its Google I/O conference this week, the company introduced a series of new controls for YouTube that will allow users to set limits on their viewing, and then receive reminders telling them to “take a break.” The feature is rolling out now in the ...

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Google’s VR180 cameras get their own app that live streams to YouTube

Just ahead of Google’s big developer conference next week, Google I/O, the company has quietly rolled out a new mobile app for its VR180 point-and-shoot cameras, allowing users to set up their device, view and manage clips, and upload photo and video content to Google Photos and YouTube. At CES in January, Google had shown off new VR180 cameras including ...

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