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‘End of love story’: Poll says for 2/3 of EU citizens life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc

Nearly two-thirds of EU citizens think that life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc, a recent survey revealed. It probably highlights the end of a love story between Brussels and those living in the union, an analyst told RT. The report which says there is a significant divide between the leadership and the people within the EU was released by ...

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‘If it's cancer, it's cancer’: Duterte admits his health ‘got worse’, awaits screening results

Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte has acknowledged that his health has deteriorated and that he has undergone a colonoscopy and endoscopy, fearing it could be cancer. Three weeks after having his digestive tract as well as his colon examined, the 73-year-old President of the Philippines said that he had to take additional tests this week to see if he has any ...

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Putin: Don’t know if it would have been better or worse if Trump had not been elected

Published time: 3 Oct, 2018 12:40 Edited time: 3 Oct, 2018 12:59 Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t know if it would have been better or worse if Trump hadn’t been elected president of the United States. Politics knows no ‘what ifs,’ he added. The Russian President said there was no way of knowing if Russia had benefited from Donald Trump’s ...

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Tired of the political divide in America? Don’t worry, it’s going to get much worse

Politically and culturally, the gulf between left and right, Democrat and Republican, seems to be widening day by day. According to one new study, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Political polarization is even worse than most people think, argues a new Michigan State University study. Rather than being a new, Donald Trump-era phenomenon, as many in the media seem to think, ...

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US-Russia ties have ‘never been worse’ thanks to US ‘foolishness and stupidity’ – Trump

Hours before the long-awaited summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, the US leader took to Twitter to say that Moscow-Washington relations have never been worse thanks to years of foolishness and stupidity by the US. “Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt! (sic)” ...

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China trade surplus with US hits historic high & timing couldn’t be worse

As the US-China trade war escalates, the latest trade numbers appear to back Washington’s biggest gripe with Beijing. China’s trade surplus with the US has grown to a record high of nearly $ 29 billion in June. Analysts expect to see the impact of the tariffs in the coming months, warning of a less favorable trade balance for China. “We ...

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Scientist predicts our future will be ‘worse than extinction’

A Russian theoretical physicist has predicted a grim future for our civilization that “is even worse than extinction.” Alexander Berezin, a highly-cited scientist from Russia’s National University of Electronic Technology Research, outlined his bleak prediction in an article entitled ‘First to enter, last to leave: a solution to Fermi’s paradox’. Fermi’s paradox is the contradiction that’s been maddening scientists for ...

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‘Cyber is uncharted territory’: Warren Buffett warns industry will get worse, not better

The world’s third-wealthiest person, Warren Buffett, has warned that cybersecurity risk is “unchartered territory” and says nobody really knows what they’re doing when it comes to underwriting cyber insurance. The chairman and CEO of multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway made the comments at the company’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.The event, known as ‘Woodstock for Capitalists,’ allows shareholders, journalists and analysts ...

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Drain the swamp? Trump made it worse – poll

More than two thirds of Americans believe that US President Donald Trump has failed to deliver on his cornerstone campaign promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC, a new poll has found. The freshly released poll from Monmouth University found that 37 percent of Americans think that Trump has not really changed anything about the DC culture and a ...

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Huge dead zone in Gulf of Oman is far worse than feared – but what is it?

A large ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Oman is increasing in size, according to scientists who warn the oxygen-scarce area is worse than previously thought and poses a threat to the environment. But what does that mean? The dead zone in the Arabian Sea is now the world’s biggest Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ). About the size of Scotland or ...

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