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Attempt to break world’s biggest orgy record falls limp as enthusiasm withers

An attempt in Las Vegas to break the record for the world’s biggest orgy has fallen short of its record-breaking 500+ person target. Instead, the Sin City event attracted a relatively limp crowd of just 375. Despite organizers having changed to a larger venue to accommodate the more than 1,000 registrants, more than half of the expected number pulled out ...

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‘World’s first psychopath AI’ bot trained by viewing Reddit

Scientists at MIT have revealed how they trained an artificial robot to become a “psychopath” by only showing it captions from disturbing images depicting gruesome deaths posted on Reddit. The team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) named the world’s first psycho robot Norman, after the central character in Hitchcock’s 1960 movie ‘Psycho.’ As part of their experiment they ...

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Russia ready to extend world’s longest railway from Siberia through Korean peninsula

The world’s longest railway spanning almost the entire length of Russia – the Trans-Siberian – could get an extension to North and South Korea. A memorandum on the project was signed 10 years ago, but talks have been frozen after relations between the two Koreas deteriorated. The recent thaw has seen Seoul and Pyongyang more open to improving ties. Read ...

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US approves merger of Bayer & Monsanto, paving way for world’s biggest agrochemical corporation

The US Department of Justice has reached a settlement that would allow Bayer AG’s $ 66 billion takeover of Monsanto Co, requiring the German company to sell $ 9 billion in agricultural assets first. Read more The merger as initially proposed would have harmed consumers and farmers by eliminating competition, the DOJ said. However, the Trump administration is satisfied with ...

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China’s Alibaba & Tencent among world’s top 10 most valuable brands

A new list of the 100 most valuable global brands has been released by BrandZ ranking, with US tech giant Google at the top and Apple chasing number one. It’s the first time that two Chinese companies made it into the top 10. The report showed that Amazon has bumped Microsoft from third place. Chinese Tencent was ranked fifth and ...

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‘She’s not the world’s schoolmarm’: Top Palestinian official slams Haley’s ‘name-taking’ at UN votes

A top-tier Palestinian official has lambasted ambassador Nikki Haley’s threat to “take names” of countries who do not support US proposals at the UN, saying no-one appointed the bellicose envoy “the schoolmarm of the world.” Hanan Ashrawi, a senior official at the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and former Middle East advisor at various UN agencies, fired back at the US ...

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World’s most ‘inconvenient’ convenience store caters for Chinese climbers 100m above ground (VIDEO)

Catering to the needs of rock climbers at China’s Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, the management of the natural and steep wonderland have set up a convenience store to sell water and snacks to courageous cliffhangers. Dubbed the world’s most “inconvenient” convenience store, the shop is hanging in the middle of a sheer cliff in Pingjiang County more than 100 meters ...

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Race to the clouds: Asia home to two-thirds of world’s skyscrapers

Over 63 percent of the world’s tallest buildings are located in Asia, making the region a global leader in reaching skywards, according to data from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. The eastern regions appear to have become home to more than 3,600 high-rise buildings, according to the report that is focused on structures exceeding 492.1 feet (150 ...

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Space mining will produce world’s first trillionaire

The next trillion-dollar industry will be in the mining sector, and the world’s first trillionaire will make his/her fortune by mining in outer space, Goldman Sachs claims. The prediction is echoed by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who says: “The first trillionaire there will ever be is the person who exploits the natural resources on asteroids.” “There’s this vast universe of ...

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China no longer wants the world’s trash

China, the world’s largest importer of waste, has extended the ban on imports of unsorted paper, some plastics, and dozens of other types of recyclable materials. The blacklist, containing 24 varieties of solid waste, was introduced by the Chinese government in 2017. Beijing said at the time that it no longer wanted to take in other countries’ garbage, so it ...

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