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‘Post-West world order’ being shaped as we speak – Lavrov to Channel 4

A new multipolar order, driven by economics and history, is emerging in the world and Western attempts to stop or to slow it down are unlikely to succeed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told UK’s Channel 4. “I think that we are in the post-West world order,” Lavrov told the British Channel 4 in an interview on Friday. “It is ...

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‘You stopped Ronaldo!’ Netanyahu incites Iranians to depose government channeling World Cup euphoria

Showcasing his ball-dribbling skills, Benjamin Netanyahu engaged in some footsy lobbying with Iranians, insisting that, if their national team could stop Ronaldo of Portugal, then the opposition can surely take out the government. Playing on the emotions of millions of Iranians, who were thrilled to see their team achieve an “impossible” World Cup 1-1 draw with Portugal, the Israeli PM ...

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‘Time of whores’?! Rabid article shaming Russian girls for romancing World Cup visitors sparks fury

A provocative article in a popular Russian tabloid, shaming women as ‘whores’ for their hospitality and romance with foreign fans during the World Cup, has triggered an avalanche of criticism and heated debate on women’s rights. The controversial piece, entitled “The time of whores: Russian women disgrace their country and themselves during the Mundial,” has brought Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK) over ...

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Europe facing beer shortage crisis with hot World Cup summer in full swing

A Europe-wide shortage of food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) could put meat and fizzy-drink supplies under pressure – right in the middle of the World Cup and peak season for summer barbecues. Supply chains at major fizzy-drink manufacturers and poultry producers across the UK were disrupted by the gas shortage, while some retailers have had to ration beverage sales. British-based food ...

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In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare

The Silicon Valley-military industrial complex is increasingly in the crosshairs of artificial intelligence engineers. A few weeks ago, Google was reported to be backing out of a Pentagon contract around Project Maven, which would use image recognition to automatically evaluate photos. Earlier this year, AI researchers around the world joined petitions calling for a boycott of any research that could ...

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‘World Cup has let us discover beautiful Russian cities’ – Egyptian ambassador tells RT

Russia has not only built great stadiums and infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup, it also helped discover the beauty of each of its host cities, Ihab Ahmed Talaat Nasr, Egyptian ambassador to Russia, told RT. “To be honest I was impressed. The stadiums, airports, roads… even there very successful projects to show the beauty of the cities,” Nasr said ...

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Does Russia’s cuddly World Cup mascot have a ‘hooligan link’? – ESPN’s coverage scrapes the barrel

With the Russia World Cup delivering good football in a friendly atmosphere, some international media outlets unable to report on the fan violence they had been predicting, are in desperate need for content. Enter stage right, Sam Borden of ESPN. Borden has written a column under the headline “Postcards from Russia: World Cup mascot Zabivaka’s hooligan link.” Compelling stuff the ...

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Aleppo’s World Cup fever: Restored Syrian city cafes overrun by football fans (VIDEO)

Freed from jihadist shelling and occupation, Aleppo, Syria is now home to more peaceful fanatics: World Cup fans. Footage by RT’s Ruptly shows how Aleppo is humming with life, and its cafes with football drama. For Aleppo’s residents, the deep scars of war are already beginning to fade: Homes have been reconstructed, the streets are full of vendors, and the ...

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Russian dating app traffic surges as football World Cup fever rises

The Moscow fan area set up in the iconic Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) for the World Cup has been dubbed the “flirt-zone” with both Russian and foreign fans vying for each others’ attention. Dating apps have seen a significant surge in users since the tournament kicked off in the Russian capital last week.Tinder experienced a big boost in those seeking ...

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Utilizing World Cup euphoria: Argentinian gang smuggles cocaine in FIFA trophy replicas

With FIFA paraphernalia now everywhere, an Argentinian drug gang was busted with World Cup trophy replicas full of marijuana and cocaine. While the majority of Argentinians are lamenting Lionel Messi’s poor performance at the World Cup, a gang from the La Matanza district, Greater Buenos Aires, used the football craze to pedal drugs. READ MORE: 49 years in prison, $ 192m ...

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