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‘Envy of the world’: Macron urges UNESCO to protect French baguette as cultural heritage

President Emmanuel Macron has backed calls from bakers to put the traditional French bread – the baguette – on the list of intangible cultural treasures protected by UNESCO, calling the oblong loaf an “envy of the world.” “The baguette is envied around the world. We must preserve its excellence and our expertise, and it is for this reason that it ...

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Paying the penalty – Gary Lineker reveals his World Cup highs & heartache at Italia ‘90

In the latest installment of The Stan Collymore Show, Stan chats to old teammate Lars Bohinen, now a manager in Norway, and speaks to England legend and Golden Boot winner Gary Lineker on his tumultuous World Cup Italia ‘90. Stan’s first stop is Scandinavia, where he drops in on Norwegian top flight team Sandefjord, managed by his former teammate Lars ...

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Trump supporters give media 21% approval rating, worst for party in power in the world – survey

Contrary to the popular maxim that the party in power tends to be more satisfied with the media, just 21 percent of Trump supporters subscribe to that view. Conversely, non-Republicans hold the media in much higher esteem. The comprehensive study reveals a vast disparity in how Americans on both sides of the political aisle view the way their media is ...

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Virtual Currency Girls: World gets its first cryptocurrency pop group

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 14:50 As digital currency fever spreads across the world, a new all-girl pop band from Japan, called Kasotsuka Shojo, is on a mission to educate the public about personal finance, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Kasotsuka Shojo, which means Virtual Currency Girls, features eight singers, each representing a different virtual currency, including ethereum and ripple, that ...

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Global economy set for decade of gloom – World Bank

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 09:59 The growth of the global economy appears to have peaked, according to a new report from the World Bank. The report shows a lack of investments, a slowdown in productivity and tightening monetary policy. Read more Although the bank has raised its projection for global growth from 2.7 percent to 3 percent, it warned ...

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5 big questions facing the world of sport in 2018

The sporting world saw an eventful 2017, but there is plenty in store for 2018. We look at some of the big issues facing sport this year. Will the NFL protests subside? The ‘Take a Knee’ anthem protests begun by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick over perceived racial injustice in the US continued to cause widespread debate in ...

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‘5* restaurants aren’t my style’: World Cup winner Podolski serves kebabs in new shop (VIDEO)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 18:52 An estimated 1,000 fans stood in a five-hour queue outside the new kebab shop in Cologne opened by hometown hero, former Bayern Munich and Arsenal footballer Lukas Podolski. ‘Prinz Poldi,’ dressed in a hoodie, personally served customers, slicing chunks of meat from massive slabs of chicken and lamb and willingly posed for photos amid ...

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Twitter asserts that it won’t ban Trump because he’s a world leader

Just days after President Trump’s tweets antagonized a foreign adversary over who would be first to start nuclear war, Twitter has addressed calls for the company to ban the chatty, often bellicose U.S. president. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food ...

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Twitter cites Trump’s ‘World Leader’ status for not banning him over nuke tweet

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 02:02 Under pressure to delete President Donald Trump’s account, Twitter has clarified why his “Nuclear Button” tweet against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does not violate its standards against threatening violence. Twitter released a statement Friday after a number of Twitter users said the January 2 tweet threatening nuclear war violated Twitter’s revised Terms of ...

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'All the money of the world won't make us surrender Jerusalem' – Fatah

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 03:13 US President Donald Trump’s threats to cut funding for Palestinian refugees will not force the Arab nation to accept Washington as a mediator and sit down for talks with Israel, a Fatah representative has said. On Tuesday, Trump issued an ultimatum to the Palestinians to force them to return to the negotiating table over ...

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