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No, Apple didn’t acquire music analytics startup Asaii, it hired the founders to work on Apple Music

On the heels of news of not one but two acquisitions from Apple last week, a report surfaced yesterday that Apple had picked up yet another company, the music analytics startup Asaii, for under $ 100 million; the report led to a “confirmation” from a shareholder in a separate report. But as it turns out, neither appear to be correct. ...

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Facebook poaches leaders of Refdash interview prep to work on Jobs

Facebook just snatched some talent to fuel its invasion of LinkedIn’s turf. A source tells TechCrunch that members of coding interview practice startup Refdash including at least some of its executives have been hired by Facebook. The social network confirmed to TechCrunch that members of Refdash’s leadership team are joining to work on Facebook’s Jobs feature that lets business promote ...

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VP Pence calls on Google to end work on a search engine for China

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence called for Google to end its development of a search engine custom built to accommodate China’s disposition for censorship. Pence gave the speech at a conservative think tank in D.C., dipping into a range of anti-Beijing sentiments, from intellectual property concerns to tariffs and the trade war. Pence didn’t mince words, calling on Google ...

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Duma gives Russians extra day off work to undergo medical

Russians have just received another concession from authorities who seek to soften the effects of pension reform – an extra day off which people can use to undergo a full medical check. It is well known that close monitoring of one’s health and regular checks with specialist doctors is a key condition for successful diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, ...

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Google’s Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work

At an event in Tokyo, Google today announced the launch of Work Insights, a new tool that gives businesses more insights into how their employees use the company’s G Suite productivity tools and how teams collaborate using those tools. In addition, Google is also launching its investigation tool for helping business better secure their data in G Suite into general ...

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Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications

Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses have always been interesting technology, but it’s never been clear how the company would move from novelty device to actual viable business use cases. Today, it made a move toward the latter, announcing a couple of applications designed to put the HoloLens to work in Dynamics 365, giving it a real business purpose. Dynamics 365 ...

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Facebook is hiring a director of human rights policy to work on “conflict prevention” and “peace-building”

Facebook is advertising for a human rights policy director to join its business, located either at its Menlo Park HQ or in Washington DC — with “conflict prevention” and “peace-building” among the listed responsibilities. In the job ad, Facebook writes that as the reach and impact of its various products continues to grow “so does the responsibility we have to ...

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Biggest rift in modern Orthodox history? Russian Church won’t work w/ Constantinople-chaired bodies

Published time: 14 Sep, 2018 14:44 Edited time: 14 Sep, 2018 14:58 The Russian Orthodox Church is ending its participation in any structures chaired by the Constantinople Patriarchate, the Holy Synod said, as Constantinople plans to recognize the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Read more “We have decided to suspend joint performance of church services with the hierarchs of ...

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A real pizza work: Dominos driver battles Typhoon Jebi to make delivery on time (VIDEO)

Published time: 5 Sep, 2018 16:47 Japan battened down the hatches as the brute force of Typhoon Jebi swept the nation on Tuesday. But the extreme weather didn’t deter everyone from going to work, with a Domino’s pizza driver filmed battling the storm on a bike. As wind speeds reached up to 135mph, one plucky and perhaps crazy delivery worker ...

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For Labor Day, work harder

Labor Day is a holiday that just doesn’t fit Silicon Valley. It’s purported purpose is to celebrate working men and women and their — our — progress toward better working conditions and fairer workplaces. Yet, few regions in recent times have supposedly done more to “destroy” quality working conditions than the Valley, from the entire creation of the precarious 1099 ...

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