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Hawking’s final work could be key to unlocking parallel universes

Physicist Stephen Hawking has reportedly left behind a final research paper that could provide the key to finding parallel universes. The paper was completed on his deathbed, according to reports. The world-famous physicist died at his home in Cambridge earlier this week at the age of 76. He left behind a final scientific paper, which reportedly presents the theoretical basis ...

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‘Feminist strike’: International Women’s Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain

Hundreds of trains in Spain have been cancelled due to an International Women’s Day strike. Women across the country are also abandoning their unpaid work, such as cleaning and child care, as part of the large scale protest. It is the first time there has been a nationwide “feminist strike” in Spain and organizers say it aims to highlight sexual discrimination ...

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Waymo 360-degree video shows how autonomous vehicles work

Fresh on the heels of settling a contentious and expensive lawsuit with Uber, Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo is looking to get out there and educate the public on how its autonomous vehicles work. In a blog post announcing that Waymo self-driving cars have racked up 5 million miles of driving experience on public roads, the company released a video called ...

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If sanctions on North Korea won’t work, we’ll go to ‘Phase Two’ – Trump

Published time: 23 Feb, 2018 19:53 Edited time: 23 Feb, 2018 19:57 President Donald Trump has warned that the US will go to “Phase 2“ if sanctions imposed on North Korea do not have the desired effects. Trump made the statement during a  joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “If the sanctions don’t work, we will have ...

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Waste of space? NASA’s $1bn mobile launch tower may work only once

A flaw in the design of NASA’s new $ 1 billion mobile launch tower means the agency is unlikely to get too many proverbial bangs for its buck. Indeed, it may work just the once. The 400ft Mobile Launcher (ML) had been designed for the now-defunct Ares I rocket but has since been re-purposed for NASA’s upcoming Space Launch System ...

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Baikal babushka: Siberian granny skates to work across world’s deepest lake (VIDEO)

Next time you complain about your morning commute, think of this 76-year-old Siberian woman who skates across the world’s deepest lake, wearing a pair of skates from 1943, in order to take care of her cows. When Lake Baikal freezes during the winter, Lyubov Morekhodova’s cows ramble across the frozen ice sheet and the hardy farmer has to don her ...

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DIY detective work by father of murder convict ‘proves he wasn’t even at the scene’ (VIDEO)

DIY detective work by the father of murder convict Andrew Feather has cast doubt on the reliability of CCTV evidence gathered by police to jail him, his family told RT, as they prepare to appeal his case. Feather, 27, was jailed under so-called joint enterprise law for a minimum of 26 years in 2014 after he was convicted of being ...

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How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow

Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will go live tomorrow. It’s the first time Google will automatically block some ads in Chrome, but while quite a few online publishers are fretting about this move, as a regular user, you may not even notice it. The most important thing to know is that this is not an alternative to AdBlock Plus or uBlock ...

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‘If we don’t work together we should be fired’: Ex-CIA agent calls for closer ties with Russia

As the witch hunt in Washington against anyone who has ever spoken to a Russian continues, one CIA veteran tells RT the two countries’ intelligence agencies need to talk to each other more, not less. Since the 2016 election, President Donald Trump has faced allegations that his campaign colluded with “the Russians” or benefited from Russian “interference” – allegations that ...

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Nunes: Democrats ‘not honest actors,’ memo shows FBI/DOJ ‘have work to do’

Senior officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI need to address abuses listed in the explosive GOP memo, said House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes. He dismissed criticism from Democrats as dishonest. Declassified by President Donald Trump and published by the committee Friday over strong objections by Democrats, the DOJ and the FBI, the memo lays out the ...

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