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KING: Woman who lied about Emmett Till should be prosecuted

Something truly terrible happened 62 years ago. 14 year old Emmett Till, doing as black children from Chicago often did during the summer, was down South visiting his extended family in Mississippi. Shortly before he arrived in Mississippi a well-known black activist and community organizer, Lamar Smith, was shot and killed right in front of the county courthouse. Nobody was ...

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Woman photographer almost gets shot in search for a shoot

CATERS Welsh photographer Claire Thomas travelled to Iraq to take photos at the frontline After spending time taking pictures of Europe’s refugee camps, Welsh photographer Claire Thomas was inspired to travel to Iraq and the front line with ISIS.  Whilst there, she captured dramatic images of firefighters scrambling to put out an oil fire and save villagers in Qayyara from ...

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Jilted woman sliced off lover’s PENIS with SICKLE – and then ran down the street with it

The 20-year-old lured her boyfriend to her home in Naugawan Darshan Singh, India, on the promise of sex. But she had actually hatched a gruesome plan to stop him having sex with other women after he revealed his parents had arranged for him to marry someone else. After blindfolding the 23-year-old, she slashed off his privates using a rusty-looking sickle ...

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Missing 28-year-old woman found alive after car was abandoned

A missing 28-year-old California woman has been found three days after she disappeared and her car was found abandoned in the desert. Laura Lynne Stacy, who had recently moved to Los Angeles from Denver and was last seen on Sunday, was found on Wednesday and has been reunited with her family, an LAPD spokesman told the Daily News. Her phone ...

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'I was aroused' Teenage migrant who tried to rape woman in stairwell jailed

The 16-year-old boy attacked a 32-year-old Viennese woman inside a stairwell in Austria’s capital. The teenager was sentenced to one and a half years in jail on Tuesday in the Viennese regional court because of attempted rape. On September 17, 2016, he attacked the woman after she had parked her bicycle. The migrant asked her if she needed help to ...

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Indiana woman arrested after grandson found covered in feces

An Indiana grandmother is in custody after police found her 2-year-old grandson alone at a playground Sunday evening, his hands smeared with feces. A woman at the Commons — a community space in Columbus, Ind., featuring an indoor playground — contacted police when she spotted the child as he wandered around the space, FOX59 reports. After she was unable to ...

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Woman kicked off of flight after insulting Trump supporter

A woman flying with her husband after his mother died was kicked off of an Alaska Airlines flight after confronting a Donald Trump supporter. Scott Koteskey said that he was on a flight from Baltimore to Seattle Saturday evening when he was confronted by an unidentified gray-haired woman and told her that he was in the D.C. area to “celebrate ...

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Secret Service investigates woman for Trump assassination tweet

The Secret Service is investigating a Kentucky woman who tweeted a call for someone to be “kind enough” to assassinate President Trump. “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate,” Heather Lowrey, of Louisville, tweeted Jan. 17 — the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and three ...

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Gang rapes woman in Sweden and broadcasts it on FACEBOOK LIVE

Disgusted witnesses who saw the footage said the men only stopped their horrendous attack when police stormed the flat and stopped the broadcast. Swedish officers have arrested three men in connection with the attack, after a member of the public alerted police to the incident just before 8.30am this morning. The rape is said to have taken place in an ...

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Texas woman who stabbed stranger 21 times gets 15 years

A young Texas woman who wrote in her diary that she felt a “high unlike any other” after stabbing an innocent stranger 21 times has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Pearl Moen pleaded guilty on Friday to the brutal stabbing that occurred in Hyde Park in November 2015 and will serve out her prison sentence as part of ...

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