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Woman tried to enter cockpit, bit & kicked flight attendants during landing

In a bizarre air rage incident, a woman snapped and launched herself from her backrow seat towards the pilots’ compartment as the plane was about to touch down. She kicked and bit flight attendants who attempted to calm her. Every air passenger knows that as a plane descends it is time to fasten your seat belt. Charlene Sarieann Harriott, a ...

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‘Ready to die’: Transgender woman on hunger strike in UK male prison

A 50-year-old transgender woman has gone on hunger strike in an all-male prison in Lancashire, in the north-west of Britain. A petition has been started to have Dean, diagnosed with gender dysphoria, moved to a female facility. The trans woman, who is being held at HMP Preston, is protesting over the Ministry of Justice’s “nightmare” refusal to recognize her gender. ...

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Popemobile grinds to a halt as Pontiff aids fallen police woman (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Pope Francis broke protocol when he ordered his so-called ‘popemobile’ to a halt so that he could assist a mounted policewoman thrown from her horse. The cop was toppled while escorting the pontiff as he waved to crowds in the city of Iquique, northern Chile. Break in protocol — Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman who ...

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Sand-eating Lithuanian woman claims ‘mineral diet’ cured her brain tumor (VIDEO)

An elderly Lithuanian woman, who claims to be living on a sand-only diet that has drastically improved her health, is sharing her helpful insights with anyone interested in trying this totally inedible fare. Talk about true grit. Stanislava Monstvilene, 70, from Lithuania claims she has been living for more than a decade consuming nothing but sand. The substance, known to ...

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Qatar's foreign minister says Gulf crisis is all over a woman

Qatar’s Foreign Minister has made the extraordinary claim that the diplomatic crisis in the gulf was all brought about by a dispute over a woman renewing her passport. Speaking on Qatari national television Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani said that the country’s refusal to extradite the wife of an Emirati opposition figure led to the UAE taking an aggressive ...

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Woman loses arm in shocking laundry accident, accuses boss of trying to save machine

A Ukrainian woman who lost her arm in a washing machine accident at a Polish laundrette claims the manager cared more about preventing damage to the equipment than his employee’s wellbeing when medics arrived to cut her free. Alyona Romanenko from the town of Lutsk in western Ukraine fell victim to the malfunction while working in a laundrette in Poland’s ...

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Woman returns ‘dead’ Christmas tree for full refund, social media can’t handle it

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 20:10 Customers at a Los Angeles, California Costco were astounded when a woman demanded her money back for a dead Christmas tree. Social media users have been sharing similar stories of outrageous attempts to score a refund. “I can’t make this stuff up,” wrote Scott Bentley in a Facebook post. “Woman in line at Costco, ...

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Couple tortured woman to death during ‘sex game’ in Berlin, then tried to flee to Turkey – report

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 03:56 A brutal murder which occurred in Berlin ahead of Christmas was likely committed during a bizarre “sex game” by a couple who tried to flee to Turkey afterwards, investigators believe. A 55-year-old German woman, identified as Marianne M., was likely tortured and killed during a gruesome “sex game” with two suspects, German media reported ...

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German trans woman loses court bid to be registered as child’s mother

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 16:49 A German transsexual woman whose sperm was used to fertilize an egg with her female partner can be registered only as the child’s father, according to a ruling by the country’s highest civil court. READ MORE: EU leaders sign non-binding ‘Pillar of Social Rights’ to appease skeptics with fair image The woman, who changed ...

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Heinz sauce sachet behind 6 years of agony for woman diagnosed with Crohn’s disease

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 13:21 A woman with a serious bowel disease was told by doctors that the cause of her ailment was a Heinz sauce sachet piercing the walls of her intestines. The patient had thought for the past six years that she had Crohn’s disease. The 41-year-old woman was diagnosed with the chronic disease by doctors after ...

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