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Toulouse riots: Police attacked as woman arrested for refusing to remove Islamic face veil

A deprived district of Toulouse, France has been rocked by two nights of furious riots, triggered by the arrest of a woman who refused to remove her Islamic full-face veil for police. Some 18 people were arrested. Hundreds of police units were deployed after young residents threw stones, torched cars and set fire to garbage cans, police told the AFP. ...

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Cosby courthouse chaos: Topless woman arrested as retrial starts (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

A topless woman protesting outside the Pennsylvania courthouse where US comedian and actor Bill Cosby is due to be retried on sexual assault charges has been arrested. The woman struggled with police officers on the pavement outside Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown just as Cosby and his lawyer approached the building. Footage taken by onlookers show that at one point ...

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German woman jailed for 9yrs for murdering her newborns & keeping bodies in freezer

A 46 year-old German woman was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for the willful homicide of her two newborn babies. She put the babies in a freezer, and kept their bodies there for 10 and 14 years respectively. The frozen corpses were discovered in January at the woman’s apartment in Benndorf, a village of 2,000 residents ...

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Supreme Court backs cop who shot woman in front yard

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of an Arizona police officer who shot a woman four times in her driveway while she held a knife. The officer enjoys qualified immunity in the case, the justices said. Officer Andrew Kisela shot Amy Hughes in 2010. Hughes was in her driveway and was approaching her roommate, Sharon Chadwick, while holding ...

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Texas woman gets 5 years in prison for voting illegally

A woman in Tarrant County, Texas has been sentenced to five years in prison for illegally voting in the 2016 presidential election. Crystal Mason, who was already a convicted felon for tax fraud, voted while on supervised release, the Dallas Morning News reported. According to Texas law, convicted felons cannot vote until they serve the entirety of their sentence, including ...

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Medieval woman gave birth in her grave after ancient ‘neurosurgery’, scientists discover

A pregnant woman who underwent skull surgery in medieval Italy gave birth after she died, according to a team of scientists who examined the ancient remains. The case was identified by researchers as coffin birth – a phenomenon that occurs when a deceased pregnant woman’s fetus is expelled within the grave. Known as postmortem fetal extrusion, it occurs following build-up ...

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‘3 strikes!’: 70yo woman charged with hiring hitmen while in jail.. for hiring a hitman

In a case akin to a mafia movie, an elderly lady has been jailed for trying to hire a hitman to knock off her husband. She now faces new charges, after reportedly trying, while she was behind bars, to have two other people killed. A jury found Linda Gillman guilty on Friday of trying to hire a hitman to kill ...

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Woman screaming ‘I’m God!’ attempts to open door & abandon plane midflight

Passengers aboard a United Express flight travelling from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho, were in for a rude awakening after an “unruly passenger” attempted to open the cabin door mid-flight to everyone else’s bemusement. Despite the incident, the flight kept its course without declaring an on-board emergency. All 73 passengers aboard the plane were unharmed. One passenger from California recalls ...

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Boobie trap email: Utah State Bar sends picture of topless woman to lawyers

Lawyers in Utah received a very NSFW email Monday. An image of a topless woman popped up in an email sent from the Utah State Bar, shocking lawyers across the across the region. It was sent to advertise its spring convention in St George. Somehow, a photograph of a woman’s breasts was included in the mail out. The topless picture ...

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British woman who killed teen to tick murder off ‘bucket list’ jailed for life in Australia

A British woman who stabbed an autistic teenager to death has been jailed for life in Australia. The vicious murder made Jemma Lilley, 26, feel “euphoric,” the court heard. Lilley, originally from Lincolnshire, killed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at her home in Perth, Australia, to tick murder off her ‘bucket list,’ the prosecution claimed. She and accomplice Trudi Lenon, 43, were ...

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