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Boomerang effect: Burglar knocks himself out with a rock he threw to break store window (VIDEO)

A hilarious attempted heist ended in what appeared to be a mild concussion after the would-be thief was struck on the head with his own weapon. Maryland police released the footage of the botched raid which was captured on a restaurant’s CCTV system on September 20. [embedded content] According to police, the suspect had some initial success, breaking the front ...

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Police brutally smash window and drag man from car for seat belt violation (VIDEO)

A viral video showing New Mexico State Police smashing a car window and pulling a man from the vehicle sparked outrage online. Officers have responded by releasing their own video of the incident. Phillip Page and passenger Angela Fisher-Herrera were pulled over in Taso County in February for not wearing a seatbelt, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Page shared a video ...

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Kangaroo crashes into family home window, collapses in a bloody heap beside toilet (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

A family in Melbourne was given the late-night wake-up call of their lives when a panicked kangaroo smashed through the front window of their home and hopped around, bloodied from a series of flesh wounds. The startled roo broke into the home of Mafi Ahokavo and his family on Saturday night, creating a significant stir by jumping around several rooms ...

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Daredevil suspect smashes through cop car window, rides on roof (VIDEO)

The moment a Texas inmate attempted to escape from a moving police cruiser by clambering onto its roof has been captured on camera. Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the man also threatened suicide during the incident. Footage has appeared online of Martin Estrada smashing a police car window before climbing on top of the vehicle. The events were captured by ...

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Seagulls & window warnings: 4 ways Putin-Trump summit will affect Finns

Residents of Helsinki are experiencing some mundane and bizarre happenings in their city ahead of the blockbuster meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump. From missing seagulls to increased security, here we look at some of the ways people in the Finnish capital have seen and will see their lives change over the next couple ...

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Watch: 2 passengers locked in eternal battle of wills over bus window (VIDEO)

It’s the eternal ‘fresh air vs terrible draft’ debate playing out on a packed Russian bus. A video of two passengers opening and closing the window in an effort to show who’s more determined has gone viral. These two passengers have clearly never heard of compromise, as the video shows them fight for dominance for four minutes over a window ...

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‘Superhero’ firefighter catches falling man midflight from a window below (VIDEO)

Incredible resourcefulness and improvisation by Latvian rescuers has helped save a person who fell from the fourth floor of a multi-story building. The hero firefighter has managed to grab the victim by the feet midflight. The members of Latvia’s National Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) responded to an emergency at a multi-unit apartment building last weekend, where a “suspicious” person ...

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Aircraft window cracks in extreme turbulence forcing emergency landing in China

Frightened passengers of a Beijing Capital Airlines flight said their aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its windows cracked amid violent turbulence. About an hour after flight JD421 departed the Chinese city of Hangzhou on Tuesday, en route to Nha Trang in Vietnam, the Airbus 321 experienced unexpected turbulence. The aircraft was affected so hard ...

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DIY daredevil: Man clings to 12th story balcony while fixing window (VIDEO)

It looks like a case of extreme home renovation – a man risks death by clinging to the edge of a 12th floor balcony with one hand while he drills a window frame with the other. The bizarre DIY attempt was filmed by a curious neighbor in the Siberian city of Tyumen, after they spotted a man fitting a window ...

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Azure’s new Serial Console gives you a direct window into the dark heart of your VMs

Azure developers and sysadmins have long asked for the ability to get access to a serial console for their virtual machines (VMs). While it’s generally easy enough to log into a VM after it has booted, things get far more complicated if the machine doesn’t boot for some reason. Troubleshooting that can be a nightmare. With today’s launch of the Serial ...

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