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'I thought that was sacred’: White House chief of staff rips media over coverage of Gold Star call

White House chief of staff John Kelly took another turn at the press podium to deliver a scathing critique of the lawmaker who listened in on President Donald Trump’s condolence call to a fallen soldier’s wife and the media treatment of it. “I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning, and broken-hearted, at what I saw a member ...

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Secret Service catches 'Pikachu' trying to jump White House fence

Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 19:04 A man dressed as the Pokemon character Pikachu was arrested after trying to get onto the White House grounds, the US Secret Service has said. Curtis Combs, 36, of Somerset, Kentucky, jumped over the concrete barrier on the southern side of the president’s residence while wearing a Pikachu costume Tuesday morning. He was quickly ...

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Melania conspiracy 2.0: ‘Body double’ theory lights up Twitter after White House footage

Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 18:16 Edited time: 19 Oct, 2017 18:39 There’s mounting ‘evidence’ that Melania Trump has a ‘body double’ and was, in fact, not the same woman pictured beside husband Donald on the White House lawn this week. And by evidence, of course, we mean Twitter conspiracy theories. Social media’s obsession continued Wednesday as Twitter users thought ...

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'Dr. Doom’ Marc Faber faces media ban for thanking God white people populated America

Published time: 18 Oct, 2017 12:27 Famed Swiss investor Marc Faber, known as ‘Dr. Doom’ for his bearish views on the economy and equity markets, has sparked outrage after suggesting the US only prospered because it is ruled by white people. Read more “Thank God white people populated America, not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which ...

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UK taxpayers hand £200mn to Syrian opposition & White Helmets, journalist tells RT (VIDEO)

Almost £200 million of British taxpayers’ money has gone to supporting Syrian opposition groups, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley told RT. One of the groups to benefit from the funds are the White Helmets, which are alleged to have links with terrorists. Speaking to George Galloway on his RT show Sputnik, Beeley said the funds were released from the UK’s Conflict, ...

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White House: ESPN's Jemele Hill should be fired for Trump insults

The White House wants to see an ESPN commentator tossed from the game for insulting President Trump. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday she thinks controversial tweets from “SportsCenter” host Jemele Hill, in which the ESPN star called Trump a white supremacist, are a “fireable offense.” “I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone ...

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Trump invites Schumer and Pelosi to private White House dinner

President Trump has invited his new best friends — Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — to a private dinner at the White House. The two Democratic congressional leaders will join Trump and several cabinet members for a meal Wednesday night, a source familiar with the arrangement told the Daily News. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Trump in the ...

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Jemele Hill calls Trump a ‘white supremacist' as ESPN disapproves

ESPN’s Jemele Hill did not stick to sports Monday night. Amid a tweet storm she unleashed that began with criticism of Kid Rock, the outspoken Hill referred to President Trump as a “white supremacist.” ESPN suits were not pleased and on Tuesday, the network issued a statement on the matter. “The comments on Twitter from Jemele Hill regarding the President ...

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White House: DOJ should 'look at' prosecuting Comey

Lock him up? The White House said Tuesday the U.S. Department of Justice should “certainly look at” a criminal prosecution of former FBI Director James Comey over his press leaks and Senate testimony. “That’s the job of the Department of Justice, and something they should certainly look at,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said after reporters asked if ...

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Netanyahu son posts anti-Semitic meme, white supremacists approve

Keep Bibi’s boy away from the memes. The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mortified the country’s political leaders — and won the approval of white supremacists — when he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook Sunday. Yair Netanyahu, 26, appeared to post the meme as a sarcastic defense against criticism of his father’s leadership in the Jewish holy ...

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