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‘Mentally ill’, ‘illiterate’, ‘incel’: Liberals vent fury as Kanye West visits Trump in White House

Accusing political opponents of being mentally ill used to be frowned upon in democracies, yet that was the prime tactic media and Twitter voices deployed against Kanye West, who was also labeled an “incel” and “boot licker.” The 41-year old rapper was at his most bombastic, as he wore a MAGA hat to the White House on Thursday, where he ...

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Bosnian elections risk new ethnic tensions but guess what West cares about

The latest election for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s triumvirate presidency is threatening to unravel the Balkan country’s fragile peace. The Western media, however, seemingly focus only on one winner’s alleged ties to Russia. Read more On Sunday, Bosnia-Herzegovina held a general election, including for its three-member presidency. The multi-ethnic institution, which includes one representative from each of the country’s three ethnic communities – ...

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Kanye West Trumped. Rapper quits social media after SNL backlash

Outspoken rap megastar Kanye West has quit Instagram and Twitter again, after raising hell in celebrity circles for his “free thinking” musings and vocal support of President Trump. West retired his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday, one week after he was criticized for donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat during an appearance on Saturday Night Live and ...

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‘Aliens are real’: SpaceX West Coast launch freaks Californians out (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Residents across California were dumbfounded and awe-struck Sunday night as a strange object ignited the night sky. While many people’s first instinct was to think aliens were en route, it was, in fact, a SpaceX rocket launch. Despite repeated warnings during the week in the build-up to the launch, it appears many residents in California didn’t get the memo. Welp, ...

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Suspect at large after West bank ‘terrorist attack’, 2 reportedly killed

Published time: 7 Oct, 2018 09:26 Israeli forces launched manhunt for a suspected shooter after he opened fire at a Barkan Industrial Park. The incident, branded by the IDF a “terrorist attack” reportedly killed two people and injured one more. Two of the three victims of the shooting succumbed to their injuries, Israeli media reported citing the Israeli Defense Forces ...

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Snoop Dogg calls Kanye West ‘Uncle Tom,’ as West’s love affair with Trump deepens

Venerable rapper and consummate dope-fiend Snoop Dogg called fellow rapper Kanye West an “Uncle Tom” for his support of President Trump, as West’s reinvention as a political commentator continues to draw liberal ire. In an Instagram comment on a post by producer DJ Pooh, Snoop ridiculed West’s now-trademark “Make America Great Again” hat, writing “Make ya music great again n**ga.” ...

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Tanks from France, US bombs from Spain: Saudis ‘empowered & enabled’ by West to obliterate Yemen

In Europe and across the Atlantic, officials like to talk about the war in Yemen as a horrible humanitarian crisis. They also like to sell weapons to the Saudi-led coalition, which bears most of the blame for that crisis. French President Emmanuel Macron talks about “the risk of harm to civilian population” as $ 3.5bn worth of French Leclerc tanks ...

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Kanye West baffles fans with call to abolish 13th amendment that ended slavery

US rapper Kanye West, fresh from his Saturday Night Live (SNL) controversy, has stirred yet another one, suggesting in an cryptic post that the amendment that abolished slavery is itself “slavery in disguise” and should be nixed. The recording artist, known as one of the few A-list celebrities to rally behind US President Donald Trump, has caused much bewilderment Sunday, ...

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MAGA hat wearing Kanye West booed by SNL audience after pro-Trump speech off-air

One could not imagine a less receptive audience for a pro-Trump speech than the folks at Saturday Night Live (SNL), known for mocking the president. Yet, Kanye West still delivered a rant in favor of the commander-in-chief. Sporting his own red Make America Great Again (MAGA) baseball cap, West’s musings came after he was drafted into the lineup as a ...

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Balkans shouldn’t be forced to choose between Russia and West – Lavrov

Foreign interference into the Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro issues is unacceptable, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister said, adding that the Balkans shouldn’t be made chose either Russia or the West. Lavrov said that the sides shared a common stance towards the problems that still remain in the Balkans Region. Hot issues in the region “must be settled on the ...

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