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Pentagon hiding ‘life-threatening’ F-35 design flaws to meet deadline – watchdog

The US F-35 program is apparently still suffering from hundreds of major technical flaws and the military is trying to conceal their severity to avoid schedule delays and cost overruns, a watchdog said. Officials overseeing the development of the F-35 fighter jets have apparently deliberately downplayed some critical deficiencies that can endanger lives of both pilots and troops on the ...

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Watchdog to consider de-blocking Telegram in Russia if service provides encryption keys to FSB

Russia’s telecom watchdog has reiterated its willingness to consider lifting a ban on popular messaging app Telegram if it agrees to follow a court order to give access to the content of its encrypted messages. Telegram was ordered last year by a court in Russia to provide decryption keys that would allow law enforcement to read messages of suspected criminals ...

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Trump ‘abandoning’ American youth, student loan watchdog says in resignation letter

The federal student loan ombudsman for the US government has resigned, blaming the Trump administration for turning its back on “young people and their financial futures.” Seth Frotman, who became the student loan ombudsman for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in 2016, has announced his resignation, in a letter written to the bureau’s Trump-appointed acting director, Mick Mulvaney, and ...

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US money to support Afghan irrigation ‘helped’ poppy cultivation – watchdog

US counternarcotics policy in Afghanistan not only failed to reduce the notorious opium production, but also contributed to increased poppy cultivation due to Washington’s funding of irrigation projects, a new report said. The US spent some $ 8.62 billion on counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan in 2002-2017, a report from Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the US government authority ...

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US wasted $15.5bn of taxpayer money in Afghanistan – govt watchdog

Billions of tax dollars have been lost on “waste, fraud and abuse” and spent on massive reconstruction projects in Afghanistan that utterly failed and even contributed to corruption, a US government watchdog has said. As much as $ 15.5 billion spent by the US to rebuild Afghanistan over 11 years has effectively gone to waste, the US government’s leading oversight ...

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Nuclear watchdog warns of radioactive leak at South Carolina fuel factory

Radioactive uranium has leaked through a three-inch hole in the the floor at a nuclear fuel factory in South Carolina, contaminating the soil below the plant, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission says. According to the commission, the hole goes six feet down into the soil below the Westinghouse factory’s concrete floor. While the commission cannot yet say whether the toxic ...

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Facebook under fresh political pressure as UK watchdog calls for “ethical pause” of ad ops

The UK’s privacy watchdog revealed yesterday that it intends to fine Facebook the maximum possible (£500k) under the country’s 1998 data protection regime for breaches related to the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal. But that’s just the tip of the regulatory missiles now being directed at the platform and its ad-targeting methods — and indeed, at the wider big data economy’s ...

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Watchdog wants Maxine Waters investigated for inciting ‘mob violence’

The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has accused Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California) of inciting “mob violence” with her fiery ‘resistance’ rhetoric, calling on the House to investigate her on ethics grounds. Waters’ calls for physical resistance against the Trump administration “doesn’t obviously reflect credibly on the House,” Judicial Watch director Tom Fitton told ‘Fox & Friends’ on Thursday.“Look, she’s telling ...

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UK watchdog issues $330k fine for Yahoo’s 2014 data breach

Another fallout from the massive Yahoo data breach that dates back to 2014: The UK’s data watchdog has just issued a £250,000 (~$ 334k) penalty for violations of the Data Protection Act 1998. Yahoo, which has since been acquired by Verizon and merged with AOL to form a joint entity called Oath (which is also the parent of TechCrunch), is arguably ...

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Terrorists used Telegram messenger in all recent attacks, head of Russian watchdog claims

The head of Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor told the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that he has “irrefutable proof” that all recent terrorist attacks in Russia and abroad were coordinated through the Telegram messenger. “The proof is irrefutable. All of the latest terrorist attacks committed in our country and abroad have been coordinated through the Telegram messenger. This is why, when ...

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