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From ‘hairy’ globster to ‘dead mermaid’: Spookiest sea creatures to wash up on beaches (IMAGES)

Some of the creepiest and most mysterious creatures on Earth have washed ashore on unsuspecting beaches around the world, turning them from serene havens to tourist traps for scare-seekers. Here is a round-up of some of the most bewildering and disturbing finds of all: Horrific ‘hairy’ beast An enormous 20-foot-long dead globster that appeared to be covered in hair washed ...

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‘US attempting to wash its hands of Iraq smacks of historical irresponsibility’

As Iraq recovers from a long series of horrific wars, starting with the US invasion of 2003, the US has to take on the responsibility for destroying the Iraqi nation, analysts have told RT. The government of Iraq needs $ 88 billion in reconstruction funds for areas devastated by war, Iraqi officials claimed at the international donors’ conference in Kuwait ...

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Ghoulish deep-sea fish wash up on Scottish beach (PHOTOS)

A number of ghoulish deep-sea fish have washed up on a Scottish beach. Judging by these pictures, they may well have come straight from the depths of hell. READ MORE: Meet the Mariana snailfish, the deepest living fish in the oceans (PHOTO, VIDEO) Walkers Jobrul Chamberlain and Bob Fitzpatrick found the monsters on St Cyrus beach in Aberdeenshire. They decided ...

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Metal band Decapitated accused of kidnapping Wash. concertgoer

Four members of the Polish death metal band Decapitated are accused of kidnapping a Washington state concertgoer while on its “Double Homicide” tour. Cops in California busted the bandmates early Saturday after their Friday night performance wrapped up in Santa Ana, according to Spokane authorities. Spokane police Cpl. Teresa Fuller said the woman attended their concert at The Pin venue ...

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Wash. state anti-pot billboard aimed at Latinos sparks outrage

A Washington State Department of Health anti-marijuana billboard aimed at the Latino community has sparked outrage after some deemed its message offensive. The billboard, which reads “We don’t need pot to have fun, we’re Hispanics, we’re cool by default,” was put up in Yakima in June, and was supposed to be taken down on Friday, state health department spokeswoman Julie ...

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North Korea’s ‘ghost ships’ with rotting corpses inside wash up in Japan

The flimsy fishing boats have been drifting across the sea of Japan for an unknown amount of time, but long enough to see their crew so decomposed it is almost impossible to determine a cause of death.  Haunting images and photos have emerged of the Japanese authorities hauling the decrepit, rusty wrecks from the ocean.  In terrible conditions and in ...

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Scientists fear ocean disaster after dozens of whale carcasses wash up in last year alone

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Fisheries reported the “unusual mortality event” after coming across carcasses of the mammals off the eastern coast of the US. Some 41 creatures have been found dead in the stretch of coast from Maine to North Carolina since last year, according to NOAA.  The mysterious spike in deaths of the humpback whales ...

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IRAQ CONFLICT: Bodies wash ashore and a BULLET to the back of a head

GOOGLE STOCK IMAGE A satellite view of River Tigris The ones that have been dead longest float on the surface, buoyed by the gasses produced as they decompose. Those killed recently tumble in the current that drags them down the River Tigris.  Their identity, and that of their killers, is a mystery.  “Nobody knows,” said a mother who has seen ...

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Wash. teen who left newborn in trash to die could regain custody

A teenage mother from Washington state convicted of tossing her infant in a dumpster could be reunited with the infant at some point. An Everett judge sentenced 18-year-old Samantha Houston Monday to six months in jail after she admitted to leaving her newborn boy in the garbage. Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent likewise told the teenager mommy she is “on ...

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How often do you really need to wash your bra?

Confession: I haven’t washed the bra I’m wearing since I purchased it about four months ago. For some, this is totally disgusting information. For others, it’s not far off the mark (my editor just admitted it’s been a year since she washed the bra she’s wearing right now!). That might be more than I wanted to know, but the fact ...

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