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‘Patience reached limit’: EU warns Facebook to comply with consumer rules by end of 2018

Social media giant Facebook has until December to explain what it does with its users’ personal data and how it shares their information with third parties, a top EU official has warned, saying her goodwill is coming to an end. Making her point more than clear Thursday, EU Justice and Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova said: “My patience has reached its ...

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‘Kiss your newfound wealth goodbye!’ – Trump warns of economic troubles if Dems win midterms

President Donald Trump has tweeted “newfound wealth” would be lost if people vote for Democrats in midterm elections. His statement has sent many wondering where’s that wealth may be. With the US Senate and House elections inching closer, the President has ramped up his efforts to win swing voters as he bragged about the nation’s economic success under the Republican ...

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‘Brink of catastrophe’: Demonizing Russia dangerous for world, Nobel peace prize winner warns West

The scapegoating of Russia, which is actively promoted by the West, is “inexcusable” as it pushes the world back into the Cold War era and puts it on the brink of a disaster, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire has warned. Russia has become the latest victim of the blame game hysteria, which the US and its western allies engage ...

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ISS hole rumors undermine relations among crew, Russian space boss warns

The head of Russian space corporation Roscosmos has called on reporters and the public to stop speculating about a recently discovered hole in the ISS hull, saying that such rumors harm the relations between crew members. “Spreading rumors and speculation about what has happened on the ISS [International Space Station] does not help experts in their work and is seeking ...

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Trump warns Assad against ‘reckless' attack on Syria’s Idlib

US President Donald Trump has warned Syrian leader Bashar Assad not to attack Idlib province, one of the last terrorist hideouts in the country, also advising Iran and Russia against taking part in the “potential human tragedy.” Expressing his concern that hundreds of thousands of lives might be at risk during the Syrian army’s looming operations to clear the Idlib ...

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‘Populist national revolt’ grips west and is coming to Australia – Bannon warns

Former Trump advisor and right wing firebrand Steve Bannon, who has been sharing his political philosophy in a series of interviews across the globe, has claimed that Australia is a “hotbed of populism” and is ripe for revolution. In a contentious interview with ABC’s Sarah Ferguson, the former executive chairman of the conservative Breitbart News website, said that the West ...

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Jordan warns of ‘dangerous consequences’ after Palestinian refugee agency gets US funding cut

Jordan’s foreign minister has warned of “dangerous consequences to regional stability” if the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA cannot provide services to refugees, saying he regrets the US decision to cut aid to the agency. Speaking to Reuters on Saturday, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Amman regrets Washington’s decision to cut funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency ...

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‘These are violent people’: Trump warns Christians of consequences if GOP loses midterms

In a hotly contested election season, marked by confrontations and a widening divide between the left and right, President Trump fired up his evangelical base with a warning: “you’re one election away from losing everything.” In a speech to a collection of evangelical Christian leaders Monday night, Trump warned them to get out and vote Republican in November. If they ...

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Booze bad: No amount of alcohol is safe, health study warns

Any and all alcohol consumption is bad for your health, according to a new global report from health experts, who are attempting to settle the drinking debate once and for all. The report, published in The Lancet medical journal, claims to be the most comprehensive of its kind and goes against previous studies which have suggested a glass of red ...

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Trump’s lawyer warns Americans would ‘revolt’ if he is impeached

Americans would revolt if President Donald Trump is eventually impeached under some phony ‘political’ reason by the newly-elected and potentially hostile presidential Congress, Rudy Giuliani has claimed. “You could only impeach [Trump] for political reasons and the American people would revolt against that,” Giuliani told Sky News while on a trip to Scotland. Trump impeachment: Is it possible – and how ...

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