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Google wants Go to become the go-to language for writing cloud apps

The Google -incubated Go language is one of the fastest growing programming languages today, with about one million active developers using it worldwide. But the company believes it can still accelerate its growth, especially when it comes to its role in writing cloud applications. And to do this, the company today announced Go Cloud, a new open-source library and set ...

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'West wants only quick buck from Africa, while China invests for win-win cooperation'

The US needs to get over the geopolitical thinking and stop demonizing China in order to transform the African continent and eliminate poverty and hunger, African affairs analyst and journalist Lawrence Freeman told RT. Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a trip to Africa in a bid to establish deeper trade ties. On Monday, he arrived in South Africa for ...

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Fritz wants to help developers bring machine learning to their mobile apps

It’s one thing to run machine learning models in the cloud, where you have plenty of resources. On mobile devices, you’re dealing with very finite compute resources, so if you want to run your models directly on the devices, they have to be highly optimized. Add to that that Apple and Google are taking somewhat different approaches and use different ...

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Bibi to meet Russian FM & top general, expert says Israel wants Russia to help get Iran out of Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed he’s meeting Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov and military chief Valery Gerasimov at President Putin’s request on Monday. An analyst believes Israel expects Russia to mediate Iran’s withdrawal from Syria. Israel’s PM announced the upcoming arrival of the Russian delegation on his official pages on Twitter and Facebook.  Netanyahu said that the meeting was requested by the Russian ...

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Mattis slams ‘authoritarian’ Turkey but still wants it to buy F-35 jets – report

US Defense Secretary James Mattis reportedly lambasted Turkey’s authoritarianism and human rights record, but warned that removing Ankara from F-35 program would result in the aircraft’s production break and delivery delays. “I understand and agree with Congressional concerns about the authoritarian drift in Turkey and its impact on human rights and rule of law including the detainment of American citizens ...

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‘US wants very much to have strong Russia’: Trump tweets old Clinton interview with Russian TV

As he faces a backlash over the Helsinki summit at home, US President Donald Trump has apparently decided to remind Americans about what Hillary Clinton said about Russia before she emerged as a self-styled Moscow basher. “Will the Dems and Fake News ever learn?” Trump wrote in a Tweet that features a fragment of an interview that Clinton actually had ...

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Russia wants to question Christopher Steele, Michael McFaul, top politicians for aiding Bill Browder

Russia’s prosecutor general will demand interviews with American congressmen, security services staff, and other high-profile individuals as it seeks to involve the US in its investigation into convicted financier Bill Browder. Moscow accuses Browder of illegally taking $ 1.5 billion out of Russia and fabricating evidence that led to the passing of the sanctions-imposing Magnitsky Act. As part of the ...

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Lawyer who filed complaints to UN against Lithuania over CIA black sites wants leaders indicted

A human rights lawyer, who sent complaints to the UN against Lithuania for allowing the CIA to host secret prisons on its soil, is sure he will see the country’s leadership indicted. He talks exclusively to RT. In May of this year, Lithuania and Romania were found responsible for knowingly allowing the torture of prisoners at secret CIA facilities on ...

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Iran wants to take US to international court over re-imposed sanctions

Tehran has announced that it has filed a complaint against the US in the International Court of Justice over President Donald Trump’s decision to re-impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic after he ditched the ‘nuclear deal’. By bringing the case to the court, Iran hopes to “hold the US accountable” for its “unlawful” return to the sanctions policy, the nation’s ...

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'MSM wants us to cast Russia as an enemy & it's wrong' – Ron Paul to RT

The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is a “step in the right direction,” former US Senator Ron Paul told RT, while also addressing the “propaganda” notion that the US must have an enemy in Russia. “I was very pleased with what went on today,” Paul said. He added that if the two leaders ever had a serious discussion, ...

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