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Putin wants to keep foreign shipping out of Russia's Northern Sea Route

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 09:57 Ships under the Russian flag could get the exclusive right to transport oil and gas along the Northern Sea Route, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who proposed the measure to boost the country’s shipbuilding industry. It will increase the volume of shipping, strengthen the position of the domestic shipping companies, and create additional ...

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Saudi Arabia wants to kill the petrodollar – economist

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 13:42 The United States and Saudi Arabia are so interdependent that a rift would mean disaster for the petrodollar system and the greenback’s reserve currency status, warns economist Brandon Smith. He is sure Riyadh is planning to ditch the dollar. “I believe the next phase of the global economic reset will begin in part with ...

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Greece wants to get economy high on weed sales

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 14:34 The cultivation and sale of medical marijuana could help Greece’s government pull the country out of a seven-year economic crisis, according to Evangelos Apostolou, Greek Minister of Rural Development and Food. He told Bloomberg that favorable climate conditions and the possible medical legalization of cannabis have turned investor focus to Greece. Growers have expressed ...

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Soros says he wants to pay more taxes, but prefers Ireland where he paid less than $1,000

Published time: 13 Nov, 2017 14:52 Edited time: 13 Nov, 2017 14:57 George Soros has joined a petition to scrap tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. But the billionaire prefers Ireland, where his hedge fund paid just $ 962 in taxes in 2013, according to Bloomberg. Four hundred wealthy Americans have appealed to the US Congress urging Republican lawmakers not ...

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Macron wants to amend Iran nuclear deal to avoid Tehran’s ‘hegemony’ in the Middle East

French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed to amend the nuclear deal with Iran to cover ballistic missile development to avoid a “North Korean” scenario in the Middle East. In 2015, Iran and six major world powers reached agreement on the Iranian nuclear question, bringing an end to the 12-year dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program and related economic sanctions. Under the ...

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Alaska senator wants to frack the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

An Alaska senator has introduced legislation to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling, renewing the longstanding debate over the protected region. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and says drilling on the protected land would bring in at least $ 1 billion over 10 years. The Arctic ...

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Siemens wants to sell its turbines to Russia despite Crimea delivery

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 14:37 Edited time: 9 Nov, 2017 14:59 Germany’s Siemens is not ready to give up on the Russian market. The company has tightened rules on the sale of turbines in Russia after some were delivered to the Crimea, but is ready to continue its work in the country. “Several companies participate in tendering for turbines ...

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NATO wants Europe’s civilian infrastructure ready for war

NATO needs roads, bridges and other civilian infrastructure in Europe to meet its growing military requirements which needs coordination with national governments and the private sector, the alliance’s chief said ahead of a defense ministers meeting in Brussels. Defense ministers from the 29 NATO states arrived in Brussels to begin discussions on the “revision” of the NATO Command Structure which ...

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South Korea wants to purchase nuclear-powered submarines from US to deter Pyongyang – reports

South Korea reportedly seeks to acquire nuclear-powered submarines as part of its plan to purchase billions of dollars worth of American military hardware. Seoul also eyes removing the limit on its ballistic missiles’ payload to deter North Korea. The US and South Korea reached an agreement on developing a joint deterrence mechanism against Pyongyang during a meeting between visiting US ...

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US senator wants former DNC head, Clinton campaign manager to testify on Trump-Russia dossier

Several top Democrats should be summoned to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee on the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, US Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has said. Her remarks were prompted by new revelations linking the file to the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign, Collins, who is a member of the Senate’s Intelligence Committee, was emphatic that Hillary Clinton’s election ...

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