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We want to believe: ‘Russian hacking’ memo REVEALS how US intel pinned leaks to Kremlin

A newly-out memo containing the Obama admin’s talking points about “Russian hacking” in the 2016 election reveals how US spy agencies attributed email leaks to Kremlin by saying it’s “consistent” with what they think Russia does. The seven-page document was contained within the 49 pages published on Friday by BuzzFeed, which obtained them through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ...

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Iran leaders will have to fall in line if 'they want their people to eat,' Pompeo says

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a BBC journalist that Iranian “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat,” dropping all pretense of caring about Iranians as he touted the latest harsh sanctions. The BBC Persian reporter, Hadi Nili, attempts to ask Pompeo what will happen if the sanctions do not have their desired effect, ...

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Democrats must do more than Trump-bashing if they want to win – analysts

If Democrats want a blue wave to crash down on Republicans and roll till 2020, they must talk about things they can do to improve the lives of their constituents rather than vilify US President Donald Trump, analysts told RT. Trump has cast the midterm elections as a referendum on himself. While the Republican president is not on the ballot, ...

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'Hope it was quick & not painful': Khashoggi's sons want to bury his remains in Saudi Arabia

Two sons of killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi want his body to return to Saudi Arabia for burial. Calling their father “a moderate person” misrepresented in the media, they are still hoping his death was at least “not painful.” “All that we want right now is to bury him in Al-Baqi [cemetery] in Medina with the rest of his family,” Salah ...

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Saudis want Yemen’s oil & gas – Max Blumenthal

Saudi Arabia is in a financial crisis and wants to access and exploit untapped gas and oil resources in Yemen, investigative journalist and author Max Blumenthal told RT. RT America’s Rick Sanchez spoke with Blumenthal about the possibility that the US call for peace and a ceasefire in Yemen could have negative repercussions and cause an intensification of violence in ...

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Saudi prince may be involved, but I want to believe he's not – Trump

The Saudi Crown Prince might be implicated in journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, US President Donald Trump said. The US and its allies criticized used harsh words to speak about the act, there’s no harsh punishment to follow. “Well, the prince is running things over there more so at this stage. He’s running things and so if anybody were going to ...

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‘Trump doesn’t want any country even near challenging American power’

By withdrawing from a key nuclear arms treaty, the US could be shooting itself in the foot in Europe, but Trump doesn’t care about Europeans, he cares about Russia, China and – most of all – Israel, says author John Laughland. Talks with the Russian president concluded a two-day visit to Moscow by US National Security Adviser John Bolton. The ...

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‘We want to live’: Terrifying VIDEOS of students fleeing Kerch college massacre

Footage has emerged of scared students fleeing Kerch college in Crimea after it was attacked by a gunman. The sound of gunshots and a blast can be heard on some of the videos that have been posted online. An 18-year-old student went on a shooting rampage at a polytechnic college in Kerch on Wednesday, also detonating an improvised explosive device. ...

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Brooklyn ‘witches’ want to stop Justice Kavanaugh with ‘occult magic’

After unproven rape allegations and street protests failed, a group of self-described ‘witches’ plan on stopping Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh the only way they know how: with magic spells and witchcraft. Really. Catland, a bookstore in Brooklyn that describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space” is charging would-be witches $ 10 to come along on ...

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US veterans overwhelmingly want troops out of Afghanistan – poll

A new poll shows a majority of US residents support withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan, 17 years into a war that shows no signs of ending. Support for winding down the interminable conflict is even higher among veterans. The YouGov poll revealed 61 percent of US residents would support the president removing all troops from Afghanistan. Sixty-nine percent of veterans ...

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