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‘This is state terror’: Foes & allies criticize Israel over use of force in wake of embassy move

Russia, France, and the UK have expressed consternation over the legality of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem, and Israel’s heavy-handed response to the clashes it has provoked, which has reportedly caused over 50 deaths. “We have publicly criticized the move multiple times,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. “International resolutions declare that the status of Jerusalem – one of ...

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Popular teacher ‘forced’ to resign after nudging & slapping student to ‘wake him up’ (VIDEO)

A South Carolina teacher was “forced” to retire after a video of her trying to wake up a student by pulling his hair while standing on his desk emerged online. Some students and parents, however, have rallied behind the teacher. Footage shows the veteran Palmetto High School math teacher Lisa Houston standing on the desk of a sleeping student. The ...

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UNSC meets to discuss threats to security in wake of Syria ‘chem attack’ reports (WATCH LIVE)

The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on security in the Middle East, in the wake of reports of an alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. The UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, opened the meeting by describing the reports about the alleged chemical attack in Douma and the subsequent airstrike against the ...

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UNSC to meet on ‘threats to peace & security’ in wake of Syria chem attack reports – Russian mission

Russia has called a UN Security Council meeting for Monday, about threats to international peace and security, in the wake of reports of a chemical attack in Syria’s Douma. It will be followed by a meeting on the alleged incident. “A UN Security Council meeting is to be convened, at the initiative of Russia, at 3 p.m. (19:00 GMT) and ...

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Erdogan calls Netanyahu ‘terrorist’ in wake of Gaza deaths

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed a blistering attack on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calling him a “terrorist” and the “leader of a terrorist state” following the deadly shooting of protesters in Gaza. “I do not need to tell the world how cruel the Israeli army is. We can see what this terror state is doing by looking at ...

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A $6 trillion wake up call for the tech industry

Jim FruchtermanContributor Jim Fruchterman is the founder and chief executive of Benetech, a non-profit developer of technology for social good. Earlier this year, the business community received a wake-up call issued with all of the might that $ 6 trillion can muster. The call came from Laurence Fink, the founder and chief executive of the global investment firm, BlackRock, and ...

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Moscow will ‘definitely’ expel British diplomats in wake of UK’s reaction to Skripal case – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said Russia will “definitely” expel UK diplomats as a reciprocal measure in the standoff over ex-spy Sergei Skripal’s poisoning. Moscow would act “soon,” he added. “You do understand that we, as polite people, will first deliver our response to the British counterparts,” Lavrov said, replying to a question by RIA Novosti’s reporter. He noted ...

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Trump admin moves to ban bump stock devices in wake of Florida school shooting

On Saturday the Trump administration took the first steps to ban ‘bump stocks’ by formally submitting legislation to ban the modification, which gives high-capacity rifles the ability to shoot as machine guns. The Department of Justice (DOJ) submitted a notice of regulation which, it said, will “clarify that the definition of “machinegun” in the National Firearms Act and Gun Control ...

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‘Bomb cyclone’ kills 22, leaves frozen wake of destruction (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 6 Jan, 2018 17:21 The ‘bomb cyclone‘ cold weather system that hit the US east coast this week has moved on, leaving freezing temperatures and more than 20 dead in its wake. At least 22 people have died as a result of the extreme conditions, CBS News reports. The casualties include a girl who was hit with a ...

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Amazon Alexa can now wake you up to music

This fall, Amazon made a play to become your new alarm clock with the introduction of a combination smart speaker and clock called the Echo Spot. Today, the company is adding a new feature that will make the Spot – or any other Alexa device – function more like a traditional radio alarm clock, with the introduction of music alarms. ...

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