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Conservative Twitter voices say they are being attacked with malicious ‘abusive speech’ complaints

Several prominent journalists raised alarm at baseless complaints being sent to Twitter over stories on sensitive topics, such as the activities of British spy Christopher Steele, and links between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and China. Conservative newspaper Washington Examiner’s Byron York was reported for posting an apparently innocuous link to his own August 9 story, which exposed the lobbying work Steele, ...

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Alexa developers get 8 free voices to use in skills, courtesy of Amazon Polly

Now Alexa’s voice apps don’t have to sound like Alexa. Amazon today is offering a way for developers to give their voice apps a unique character with the launch of eight free voices to use in skills, courtesy of the Amazon Polly service. The voices are only available in U.S. English, and include a mix of both male and female, ...

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Apple voices opposition to Clean Power Plan repeal

The Clean Power Plan is shaping up to be the latest Obama-era legislation on the Trump administration chopping block. In fact, Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt has been quite open in his intentions to kill the plan focused on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Apple is among the first — but likely not the last — of companies to voice ...

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Twitter ‘shadow bans’ undesirable voices, censors free speech – Project Veritas exec to RT

Undercover footage of Twitter staff appearing to admit to silencing conservatives shows the social media platform is not the open public forum it presents itself to be, Project Veritas executive director Russell Verney tells RT. “We’re giving away an awful lot to these companies, but when they come out and publicly say they want to be the public forum for ...

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Alexa developers can now use notifications, soon personalize apps based on users’ voices

Amazon says it will allow Alexa skill developers to alert customers using notifications starting today, and soon, it will allow them to recognize users’ individual voices as part of their skill-building process. These changes, along with other developer enhancements, are being announced this morning at Amazon’s re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, where the company delved into the science behind its ...

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'Conservative voices are a besieged minority being silenced' TV host blasts leftie attacks

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria described “conservative voices” as a “besieged minority”, slamming apparent liberals for trying to silence their political views. Dozens of students staged a walk-out when US Vice-President Mike Pence addressed a ceremony at the University of Notre Dame in South Ben, Indiana. A student activist group, We Stand For, said the protest was against his policies which, they ...

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Simon Cowell's Pretty Much Displaying Boy Band Moves and Voices (VIDEOS + PHOTOS)

Pretty MuchSimon’s New Boy BandAll Tuned Up and Stage-Ready 5/13/2017 10:20 AM PDT Exclusive Details We found video and photos of Simon Cowell‘s latest creation, Pretty Much, and it shows they could be headed the same direction as some of Simon’s other super successful groups.  The 5 guys in Pretty Much have been living together in L.A. and doing a ...

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Kristaps Porzingis voices frustration with Knicks' game plans

The Knicks have operated this season under a haze of confusion, alternating between different schemes, different identities and a weak triangle. That’s according to Kristaps Porzingis, who described the confusion in his organization as all-encompassing. “From top to bottom, everybody,” he answered. “So it’s hard to play like that.” Porzingis’ candid comments were spoken in front of his locker following ...

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