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‘Dime store Barbie!’ Kathy Griffin tells Tomi Lahren to ‘f**k herself’ over anti-Obama views

Kathy Griffin has once again blurred the lines of comedy and politics, telling conservative commentator Tomi Lahren to “go f**k herself” after she told Michelle Obama to “sit down” for calling her husband a “great president.” Tomi Lahren, known for her conservative views and former role as a host on The Blaze, lashed out at the former first lady on ...

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Guests with 'misogynistic, homophobic, racist ' views cost Canadian mosque its charitable status

A Canadian mosque has been stripped of its charitable status after a revenue audit found a litany of issues, including inviting speakers who previously spoke out against LGBT and female equality, as well as advocating martyrdom. The Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque, which is one of the biggest mosques in the Canadian capital, had its charitable status revoked in ...

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Facebook turns to NATO think tank to police news, views & ideas

Under tremendous pressure from politicians and mainstream media, Facebook and other social networks have turned to purging content, viewpoints and even users that the powers-that-be have declared objectionable. Still angry over the 2016 US presidential election, Democrats blame social media for giving President Donald Trump and his supporters a voice and claim the likes of Facebook and Twitter have served ...

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Alan Dershowitz claims island lady wants to assassinate him for his political views (VIDEO)

Persecuted Trump defender Alan Dershowitz can no longer brunch at the Martha’s Vineyard yacht club, for fear of being murdered. The Powerful lawyer claims that a nameless lady has threatened to stab him through the heart. Speaking with Tucker Carlson last night, the high profile legal eagle, who has represented such esteemed individuals as billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, said ...

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Was Einstein racist? Travel diaries reveal shocking truth about physicist’s views on Asians

The reputation of the world-renowned theoretical physicist and humanitarian Albert Einstein may be tainted in the wake of the recently published travel diaries that unveil his racist views, in particular on the Chinese. Published by Princeton University Press, the diaries date back to 1920s, the time when the famous Austrian physicist was extensively traveling with his wife Elsa. In late ...

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Al Qaeda richer than Islamic State, but US views Iran as bigger threat than terrorists – Moscow

The revenues that Al-Qaeda receives are now more than a dozen times higher than that of Islamic State, but the US still considers Iran and Hezbollah to be greater threats than terrorists, a Russian Foreign Ministry official said. The income of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), which once held vast parts of Iraq and Syria, dropped to $ 3 million ...

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Facebook says it mistakenly asked users for views on grooming

In today’s episode of ‘wtf was the tech industry thinking’, Facebook has been caught asking users if they think it’s okay for an adult man to ask a 14-year-old girl for “sexual pictures” in a private chat. The Guardian reported that Facebook ran the survey on Sunday asking a portion of its users how they thought it should handle grooming behavior. ...

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Moscow views mending relations with Washington as primary task – ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to the US has stated the importance of overcoming the negative tendencies in mutual relations and called proper cooperation between the two nations crucial to overcoming global threats, such as terrorism. “It is important to guide our American partners to understanding of the objective necessity of repairing the bilateral dialogue. Russian-American cooperation remains a decisive factor that influences ...

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Investigate chemical incidents in Syria instead of blaming Damascus & distorting our views – Moscow

Russia has called for an investigation of all chemical incidents in Syria, as the US has ignored all evidence of terrorist involvement while portraying the allegations against Damascus, based on shady sources, as the truth. “All the ongoing attempts by the US to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical warfare agents in combat against the so-called “opposition” are based ...

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Libertarians slam US ‘arbitrary censorship’ of foreign media & alternative views

The DOJ demand for RT America to register as a foreign agent is an attempt to silence undesired voices, the Libertarian Party has said, echoing views that the move is the most worst attack on freedom since the McCarthy era. Forcing RT America to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) under the pretext of its alleged links to ...

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