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Video of Macron puzzled by ‘illegal’ migrants who say they lived in France for 8 years (VIDEO)

French Twitter users have ripped Macron apart after a video featuring his conversation with ‘illegal’ migrants, who have lived in France without documents for 8 years, went viral. Many thought the whole conversation was a farce. The exchange between the head of state and a group of Algerians in Marseille, a popular destination for migrants from North Africa, was captured ...

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‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?’ Broadway star wants Trump assassinated (VIDEO)

Broadway star Carole Cook told a photographer that she’d like to see Donald Trump assassinated after a fan of the president unfurled a ‘Trump 2020’ banner during a performance of ‘Frozen’ the week before. The 94-year-old actress was leaving a Hollywood restaurant with her husband on Sunday night when the pair were accosted by a TMZ paparazzo. The photographer asked ...

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Giant ‘Transformer’ robot stopped by security as it cruises along Beijing road (VIDEO)

A giant armoured robot that looks straight out of Hollywood’s blockbuster Transformer movies left onlookers stunned as it casually strolled along a road in China’s capital, Beijing. The monstrous vehicle attracted a flurry of attention before security officials faced the fierce looking robot head on and urged its owner to move off the road for fear of creating traffic chaos. ...

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Putin & Xi cook pancakes, devour them with Russian caviar and vodka (VIDEO)

Published time: 11 Sep, 2018 13:23 Edited time: 11 Sep, 2018 13:24 Chinese leader Xi Jinping was challenged to show his cooking skills by host Vladimir Putin, when the Russian president invited his guest to try a traditional dish: pancake with caviar chased down with a shot of vodka. Xi is visiting Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok, where an ...

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Bus crash in India kills 52 passengers as vehicle plummets into valley (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Up to 52 people were killed in India on Tuesday morning after a bus travelling back from a temple left the road and plunged into a valley, local media reports. Some of those believed to be among the original 60 passengers on board have reportedly been taken to hospital with injuries after the bus fell off the Kondagattu Ghat Road ...

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‘Go shoot your f**king heroin and die’: NYPD cop draws gun outside methadone clinic (VIDEO

A NYPD officer has sparked outrage after footage of him brandishing his gun and telling a group of men outside a methadone clinic to “shoot your f**king heroin and die” was shared online. The disturbing video clip shows the irate cop approaching the men with his gun drawn outside the clinic in Soho. He aggressively tells them to “take a ...

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300k troops & thousands of war machines: Russia starts biggest military drill in decades (VIDEO)

Some 300,000 troops and tens of thousands vehicles, aircraft and warships are participating in the largest military exercise Russia has staged in 37 years. Units from China are to take part in the maneuvers as well. The Vostok 2018 exercise is meant to test the capability of the Russian military to rapidly move and deploy large forces over long distances ...

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‘End of days’: Birth of red heifer in Israel signals coming of Messiah claim Hebrew scholars (VIDEO)

Rabbinical scholars are treating the birth of an entirely red heifer in Israel as a potential omen for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. Evangelical Christians, citing Biblical prophecy, believe it means the end of days is nigh. If proven to be the cow of prophecy, the young calf will be the first true red heifer born in 2,000 years, ...

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Apple wins first original video Emmy for ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Ahead the launch of its own video streaming service, Apple has been awarded its first-ever Primetime Emmy for its original video programming, for “Carpool Karaoke.” The series won the “Outstanding Short Form Variety Series” category on Sunday night. This is not Apple’s first-ever Emmy – it has won other technical and engineering awards in the past, including last year’s win ...

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The Boring Company proves life can be a video game

The Boring Company just posted a video on Twitter showing its latest digging machine can be controlled by an Xbox One controller. Because, if you’re going to dig holes, why not make it a bit of fun? Software makes it easy to map PC controls to an Xbox pad. Instead of developing and fabricating a custom controller, using an Xbox ...

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