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52 dead in bus fire in western Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

Published time: 18 Jan, 2018 07:18 Edited time: 18 Jan, 2018 07:26 At least 52 people have been burned to death after a passenger bus caught fire in western Kazakhstan, authorities confirmed. Only five people managed to escape the deadly blaze. The deadly incident took place on a highway in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, spokesman for the Interior Ministry ...

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Lost in time: Abandoned home encased in glistening sheets of ice and snow (VIDEO)

Winter’s frosty embrace has transformed an abandoned Russian residence into an incredible icy palace, where frozen stalagmites hang like chandeliers. The home in Ekaterinburg, where temperatures can easily reach minus 17 degrees celsius in January, appears locked in time thanks to a burst water mains that has almost entirely coated the interior rooms in ice. Footage from the house near ...

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Get out the way: Russian warplanes land on highway as part of tactical drill (VIDEO)

Russia’s military turned a highway into a runway for its fighter jets and bombers so that pilots could train landing on unprepared surfaces. Traffic on a federal highway in Russia’s Rostov region was temporarily halted for the tactical flight training of the mixed aviation unit of the army Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Military District. Pilots of ...

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World’s ‘longest’ underwater cave system discovered in Mexico (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A group of divers have connected what is believed to be the world’s longest flooded cave system near the Mexican coastal city of Tulum in Quintana Roo, home to the ancient Maya civilization. The Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) exploration and preservation group finally identified two distinct series of caves as a singular system after years of exploring the labyrinthine underwater ...

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‘She’s so loud’: Belarusian tennis player mocked at Australian Open over on-court screams (VIDEO)

The Australian Open first round match between local star Ashleigh Barty and Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus was marked by loud jeers from the crowd directed at the Belarusian, who spectators considered to be too loud. The 19-year-old Belarusian started the match aggressively, claiming a hard-fought first set 7-6. All of Sabalenka’s powerful hits were accompanied by loud shrieks, which didn’t ...

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Cop bodycam captures moment teen pulls weapon on officer (VIDEO)

Shocking bodycam footage shows the moment a police officer came face-to-face with a gun-brandishing robber. The teen – armed with a fake gun – was jailed for more than two years. West Midlands police officer PC Jemma Follows can be heard saying “what are you doing?” as Reece Lones, 19, pops out of a room and into the hallway of ...

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‘We will not be blackmailed’: MEP demands May fight Macron on migrants & money (VIDEO)

French President Emmanuel Macron should be scrambling for ways to ensure a free trade deal with Britain instead of attempting to blackmail the UK into coming up with a deal for migrants and demanding money, an MEP says. In an interview with RT, Janice Atkinson MEP blasted Macron, who is rumored to be coming up with a plan to back ...

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Venomous spiders earmarked for ‘milking’ escape egg sack in spine-chilling video

Discovering a sac filled with hundreds of spiders typically elicits a fight or flight response from most sane people – but wildlife experts in Australia are asking the public to capture the critters so they can be milked. One resident from Matcham on the New South Wales Central Coast fought all of his survival instincts and decided to take an ...

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Bones of contention: Human skulls as art dig up Canary Islands controversy (VIDEO)

A new art installation built from real human bones and skulls is sending shivers down the spines of some visitors to a Canary Islands museum. Arranged as a burial mound or ‘tumulus’, the exact origins of the bones are unclear, but according to local reports may have belonged to indigenous Canarians.  The piece, titled ‘Threshold 2017’, is on display at ...

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Coldest village on Earth: Residents of Siberian settlement unfazed by -62C temperatures (VIDEO)

The Siberian outpost of Oymyakon is officially the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth – yet residents incredibly go about their day-to-day routines despite bone-chilling temperatures of -62C (-80F). In fact, it’s quite possible that it’s even colder than -62C, given that the Siberian Times reports the town’s digital thermometer stopped working when it reached that mark – because of ...

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