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‘Raw, silent beauty’: Astronaut captures spectacular lightning storm from space (VIDEO)

Ever wondered what lightning looks like from space? Well, wonder no more because NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold has released extraordinary footage showing numerous flashes lighting up North America. The footage was filmed from the International Space Station as it orbited the globe on a predawn pass from Mexico to New York. The video captures dozens of lightning strikes across a ...

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Red alert: Hawaii volcano threatens nearby air traffic (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Ash and fiery projectiles exploding from the Kilauea volcano have forced Hawaii authorities to issue an aviation red alert warning pilots to steer clear of the erupting shield crater. Scores of people living near the volcano’s Halemaumau summit crater have already been evacuated. Now increased volcanic activity and a rising wall of ash has compelled the US Geological Survey to ...

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USAF test-fires nuclear-capable Minuteman III ballistic missile (VIDEO)

The US Air Force has test-fired its Minuteman III ballistic missile with the goal of verifying its “readiness and effectiveness.” Developed during the Cold War, the missile is capable of carrying three nuclear warheads. The missile was launched on May 14 from an underground silo at Minot Air Force base in North Dakota by the 91st Missile Wing, Major Anastasia ...

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Sword-wielding assailants shot dead after attacking police station in Indonesia (VIDEO)

Indonesian police have shot dead four men armed with swords after they attacked a police station on the island of Sumatra. One policeman was reported killed and three people injured in the attack. The attackers rammed a van into a gate at the Riau police station in Pekanbaru on Wednesday, before getting out and continuing the assault, national police spokesman ...

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Fake crutches video singled out to undermine ‘Palestinian narrative’ on deadliest Gaza day

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer shared a video of a protester with crutches running from the deadly Israeli crackdown at the Gaza border, as an example of Palestinian propaganda he accused media of falling for. “The media always falls for it,” Fleischer wrote in his tweet, sharing a video by an ultra-Orthodox Israeli Behadre Haredim reporter, Yanki Farber. ...

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Heavy clashes in W. Afghanistan city as major Taliban offensive kicks off (VIDEO)

The Taliban has launched a major offensive to capture a city in western Afghanistan, with heavy fighting breaking out in the area, officials say. Local residents fear the whole province may fall to the insurgents. Taliban militants stormed the city of Farah, the capital of Farah Province on the border with Iran on Tuesday morning, Afghan media initially reported. The ...

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Sichuan captain lands aircraft after co-pilot ‘sucked halfway’ out the windshield (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 was forced to perform an extreme emergency landing in China after one of the cockpit’s windshields shattered, nearly sucking the co-pilot out of the plane at 32,000 feet. Flight 3U8633 took off from Chongqing city at 6:26 am on Monday and has managed to climb to 9,800 meters (32,150 feet) when a windshield on the right ...

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Topless FEMEN protester hauled off by Vatican police while breastfeeding (VIDEO)

Visitors to the Vatican received an unexpected show on Mother’s Day, when a topless activist from the ‘sextremist’ group FEMEN was hauled off by authorities while breastfeeding her child in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. The stunt involved a woman with the words “alma mater” written across her bare chest, which is Latin for ‘mother feeding.’ The public display ...

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Turkish airlines plane tail smashed in dramatic collision at Istanbul Intl’ Airport (VIDEO)

A dramatic collision took place at Istanbul-Ataturk International Airport, as a South Korean Asiana passenger plane sliced into the tail of a Turkish Airlines plane while taxiing on the runaway. Footage has emerged showing the moment the two planes collided on Sunday. The South Korean Asiana A330 airplane, which was heading for Seoul, can be seen making its way to ...

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Suicide bombing at Indonesian police station caught on CCTV camera (VIDEO)

CCTV footage has emerged purportedly showing the moment a suicide bombing occurred at an Indonesian police station as two motorcycles drive into a checkpoint. Four officers and six civilians were injured in the blast. The attack occurred in the port city of Surabaya on the Indonesian island of Java on Monday morning. “Clearly it’s a suicide bombing,” East Java police ...

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