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Indian driver beaten up after asking govt chief about fuel price hike (VIDEO)

A video of an Indian driver being dragged away and beaten up after he dared to ask a government chief about the contentious issue of rising fuel prices has gone viral. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief in the south-Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Tamilisai Soundararajan, was being interviewed on camera when the driver standing behind her attempted to ...

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Kim Jong-un welcomes South Korean leader in Pyongyang for historic summit (VIDEO)

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has landed in Pyongyang for the historic summit with Kim Jong-un as part of the ongoing reconciliation process and talks on denuclearization of the peninsula. President Moon and his wife Kim Jung-sook were welcomed by the North Korean leader, and Kim’s sister, Yo-jong, as well as hundreds of locals for a three-day trip to Pyongyang ...

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‘Allez, allez, allez’: Luxembourg FM disrupts Salvini’s speech on migrants during EU meeting (VIDEO)

Italian and Luxembourg ministers engaged in a bitter argument during an EU meeting over the union’s immigration policies. Italy’s Matteo Salvini referred to migrants as “slaves,” resulting in angry exchanges. The verbal stand-off happened on Friday in Vienna. Salvini, the interior minister and leader of the anti-immigration Lega Nord, was describing how his country’s perception of undocumented immigrants from across ...

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Israeli military bus stoned after ‘accidentally entering’ West Bank refugee camp (VIDEO)

A busload of IDF soldiers clashed with Palestinians at the Kalandia refugee camp in the West Bank after the vehicle entered the camp, allegedly by accident. At least three soldiers were injured in the clash, the IDF confirmed. Palestinians reportedly started throwing stones at the Israeli vehicle after it drove inside the camp, which is located between Jerusalem and Ramallah. ...

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Dashcams on tanks: Armored action caught on VIDEO from the thick of Vostok 2018 drills

The Russian military has offered a first-person view of an array of battle tanks and APCs charging through an open field and shooting targets as they were being drilled at the massive Vostok 2018 war games in Siberia. The footage, published by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday, shows a Go-Pro view from one of the Russian tanks taking part ...

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Hong Kong on highest typhoon alert as Mangkhut wreaks havoc, injures 100+ in China (VIDEO)

Terrified residents are holed up inside trembling buildings in southern China, as Typhoon Mangkhut approaches from the Philippines. Winds were seen tearing apart buildings, causing flooding, and flipping over vehicles. More than 130 people were injured and nearly 1,000 fled to temporary shelters, according to Radio Television Hong Kong, as gusts of more than 170 kilometers per hour battered Hong ...

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NASA launches advanced laser device into space to measure Earth’s changing polar ice (VIDEO)

NASA just launched the most advanced laser device of its kind into space to measure changes to Earth’s polar ice in unprecedented detail. The instrument, called ‘Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2’ (ICESat-2), will measure the average annual change of land ice covering Greenland and Antarctica to within the width of a pencil, capturing 60,000 measurements every second. “The new ...

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‘I don't speak English’ Taco Bell fires worker who didn’t take order from black woman (VIDEO)

First a Taco Bell employee was lost in translation as she was explaining to a woman that she doesn’t understand her ordering in English, now she lost her job. The customer complained the incident was racist as she’s black. “No hablo ingles,”(I don’t speak English) says a drive-through worker in a video posted by Alexandria Montgomery this week that went ...

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'Toxic' banks treated with soap & smoke on anniversary of Lehman's collapse (PHOTO, VIDEO)

French anti-globalist group has covered the walls of most prominent banks with black soap, lightning orange smoke bombs and smearing green slime outside to decry the “toxic” finance industry. Hundreds of activist of an Attac France group staged a series of protests across the country on Saturday to mark the anniversary of the global financial crisis, triggered by the bankruptcy ...

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US Coast Guard ‘removed’ after making ‘white power’ hand signal on live TV (VIDEO)

The US Coast Guard has “removed” one of its members from the Hurricane Florence response team after he allegedly made a ‘white power’ hand signal during a live TV broadcast. The unidentified team member made the “offensive” ‘OK’ hand gesture while looking into the camera during a live broadcast with Sector Charleston Commanding Officer Captain John Reed on MSNBC. US ...

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