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Satellite surveillance startup aims to monitor entire Earth & stream video in real-time

US-based startup EarthNow, which plans to deploy a constellation of hi-tech satellites to monitor the entire surface of Earth and stream HD footage 24/7, has secured backing from many notable investors, like Bill Gates and Airbus. Though the contribution made by Microsoft’s founder is not disclosed, Gates is just one of many investors who are helping EarthNow reach for the ...

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Ready to roll: Unique Soviet 5-turret tank gets new engine (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

An iconic WWII-era five-turret heavy T-35 tank has made an unexpected comeback, after its modern replica was fitted with an engine, enabling the tank to crawl slowly but steadily to relive its former glory. The tank replica has been built by the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) and is displayed in the company’s museum in Verkhnyaya Pishma in the ...

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Boy in Douma ‘chem attack’ video says he was lured with cookies, then sprayed with water

A boy who was portrayed as a ‘victim’ in a rebel-linked activists’ video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma has told Russian broadcaster VGTRK that he was lured into the hospital with cookies and then sprayed with water. Panic, fear, screaming adults and frightened children featured in the purported footage of the aftermath following the alleged chemical attack in ...

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Flat pack hero: Robot assembles IKEA chair in less than 9 minutes (VIDEO)

Scientists have created an agile robot that can assemble an IKEA chair in under 9 minutes – potentially taking the dreaded task off human hands and putting an end to DIY disasters. The robot, which successfully put together an IKEA chair autonomously and without interruption, was developed by scientists at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. READ MORE: Sex dolls uncovered: ...

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5 injured after car crashes into Texas house & triggers fiery explosion (VIDEO)

Footage of the shocking moment a Texas home exploded after being hit by a car has been released by local police. Five people were injured when the car lost control and struck the house in Fort Worth, Texas. A gas line is thought to have been severed in the collision. Dashcam footage from one of the police cruisers shows officers ...

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Russian restaurant with visitors swept away down Volga River by giant ice sheets (VIDEO)

Published time: 18 Apr, 2018 17:57 A restaurant in Samara, Russia, took an unplanned trip down the Volga River after ice streams untethered the eatery from the shoreline and pushed it downstream. It was filmed being towed back to shore, with no injuries reported. Videos posted to YouTube and social media by eyewitnesses show the ‘Old Wharf’ restaurant, in Samara’s ...

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‘The city won’t give us land, so we’re taking it’: Police & protesters clash in Cape Town (VIDEO)

Violence erupted at an informal settlement outside Cape Town, South Africa as authorities evicted locals illegally occupying land. Police opened fire as protesters looted stores and set nearby vegetation on fire. Protesters, who say they are fed up with overcrowding and a lack of housing in Vrygrond, have earmarked a piece of land they want to move to and erected ...

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Israeli nationalists rage & burn Palestinian flag outside joint Memorial Day service (VIDEO)

Far-right Israelis have tried to prevent thousands of Jews and Arabs from jointly attending an alternative memorial service in honor of fallen victims on both sides of the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Around 8,000 Palestinians and Israelis assembled at Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park on Tuesday evening to take part in a joint alternative Memorial Day vigil to honor the fallen family ...

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Moment police punch, wrestle naked Harvard student to ground (VIDEO)

Disturbing video footage shot in Cambridge, Massachusetts, shows the moment police tackle a black Harvard University student to the ground and repeatedly punch him in the stomach, as bystanders watch from the sidewalk. Though the incident happened on Friday night, video footage of the arrest was only released by the police on Monday. In it the man, identified as 21-year-old ...

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Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp challenges Western narrative on Syria (VIDEO)

RT’s Lee Camp has explained why the Western narrative on Syrian chemical attacks doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. On his show Redacted Tonight, Camp questioned the timing of the alleged chemical attack just a week after President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to begin preparing for a US exit and announced American troops would be leaving Syria “very soon.” If, ...

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