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Rowdy ‘big boy’ beaten & tasered by 4 Montreal cops (VIDEO)

An out-of-control man was beaten and tasered to the ground by Montreal police officers, who had a hard time trying to subdue the big guy, who was throwing punches at them inside the city metro, footage of the incident showed. Montreal Metro’s Fabre station became a boxing ring for one heavyweight black man who, for quite some time, successfully stood ...

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Woman falls through ceiling, man gets tasered in botched escape from Canadian police (VIDEO)

Escaping a convenience store with a can of soda proved an impossible task for a couple of Canadians who, in their cinematic getaway attempt, wrestled police, got tasered and fell through a ceiling, before ending up in jail. The botched attempt to avoid justice at a Spruce Grove convenience store in Alberta occurred after a suspicious pair of Canadians tried ...

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US woman attacks black teen at swimming pool, bites cop during arrest (VIDEO)

For most people, going to the swimming pool is a relaxing way to pass a sunny afternoon, but things didn’t go that way for a South Carolina woman who ended up assaulting a teenager and biting a police officer. Stephanie Sebby-Strempel reportedly told a 15-year-old black boy and his friends that “they did not belong” at the pool in Summerville, ...

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Hack avoids chop: Reporter risks decapitation when promoting army helicopters (VIDEO)

A fearless –if somewhat reckless– journalist narrowly avoided having her head chopped off as she was presenting a promotional report next to a swarm of army helicopters in Azerbaijan. A reporter with the Russia-based outlet The Caucasus Post was filming a news segment praising the helicopter pilots as the low-flying Mi-24s buzzed overhead. The recognizable Soviet-designed gunships were due to ...

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Police slammed for tasing unarmed black man as VIDEO of him writhing in pain goes viral

Disturbing footage of a police officer using a stun gun on an unarmed black man has gone viral. Concerned citizens took to Facebook to slam police for excessive use of force and giving “confusing” instructions to suspects. Police in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania say they received a call on Thursday morning, claiming there was “a male with a bat.” ...

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Lightning strike narrowly misses Florida officer in CCTV footage (VIDEO)

A Florida police officer narrowly escaped injury after a bolt of lightning struck very close to a local police station. CCTV cameras captured the moment. The canine officer was exiting a patrol car in the Apopka Police Department parking lot on Tuesday evening, when an intense lightning bolt struck just meters away, prompting the startled man to jump back into ...

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‘Oh sh*t, fire on ship!’ Dramatic moment rocket misfires on German frigate, sparking blaze (VIDEO)

A German Navy frigate has found itself in an awkward and dangerous emergency, when its missile misfired and caught fire right over the vessel’s deck. The dramatic footage of the close-call moment was caught on film. ‘Sachsen’, one of the newest guided-missile frigates in Germany’s Navy, had been traversing waters off Norway’s coast with the submarine-hunting frigate ‘Luebeck’, taking part ...

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Massive blast sends burning Chechnya filling station up in smoke (VIDEO)

At least five people have been injured in a blaze that engulfed a service station in Russia’s Chechnya. The station was rocked by a massive explosion as fire hit underground fuel tanks. A video taken by one of the witnesses shows the gas station engulfed in flames, with thick clouds of black smoke billowing over the building. Then, a huge ...

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Tesla's car-production tent embarrassingly dubbed ‘stone age of auto manufacturing’ (VIDEO)

Elon Musk’s tent-style “Alien Dreadnought” factory is using obsolete production processes to catch up on manufacturing of the Tesla 3 model, new drone footage of the facility has revealed. “This is the stone age of auto manufacturing,” wrote Twitter user @skabooshka, introducing his aerial footage of the newly erected giant manufacturing tent at Tesla’s Fremont factory car park. In order ...

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India’s Times Internet buys popular video app MX Player for $140M to get into streaming

Times Internet, the digital arm of Indian media firm Times Group, is getting into the digital content space, but not in the way you might think. The company’s previous venture — an OTT called BoxTV.com — shut down in 2016 after an underwhelming four-year period. Now it is taking a radically different strategy by buying video playback app MX Player for Rs ...

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