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Daredevil worker captures dazzling St. Pete skyline from spire of Europe’s tallest building (VIDEO)

Published time: 27 Aug, 2018 00:25 Hanging almost 500 meters in the air, one man with nerves of steel managed to capture the thrilling beauty of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland from the spire of the Lakhta Center, the tallest building in Europe. Rising above the waterfront business complex at 462 meters, a construction crew worker could not ...

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WWII relics & cutting-edge US drones: Spoils of Syrian war displayed in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Weaponry captured from militants during the anti-terrorism campaign in Syria has been put on display in Russia. RT highlights the most peculiar trophies, which range from WWII relics to modern drones, used by US special ops. The weapons have been put on display at the Army-2018 forum, which is being held outside Moscow near the city of Kubinka. Small pieces ...

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‘He lost & went crazy’: Witnesses describe killing spree at Florida video game tournament

Witness accounts from the Jacksonville video game tournament shooting have emerged, detailing the chilling moment that a gunman opened fire on the event, killing at least three people before allegedly turning the gun on himself. One of the first people to speak out after the incident was Drini Gjkoa, a participant at the Madden tournament who tweeted that he was ...

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Start of shooting at Madden tournament in Jacksonville captured on VIDEO

The beginning of a mass shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville has been captured on a livestream of a game. Multiple gunshots and screams can be heard in the background during the disturbing footage. At least four people were killed and some 10 injured during the incident, according to initial reports. The video is a grab from a ...

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Florida police respond to mass shooting reports at video game tournament in Jacksonville

Published time: 26 Aug, 2018 18:35 Edited time: 26 Aug, 2018 18:57 Officers are responding to a mass shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, according to local media. Initial reports say as many as four people have been killed and 10 others injured. The incident was referred to as a “mass shooting” in a tweet by Jacksonville’s ...

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Warding off witchcraft? Pastor calls for prayers to protect Trump from occult (VIDEO)

An Alabama pastor has urged his congregation to pray for Donald Trump to ward off impending “witchcraft” which is allegedly threatening his presidency. During his sermon at the Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, Pastor John A. Kilpatrick told churchgoers that witchcraft is trying to take over the country, as he led his congregants in prayers to strengthen Trump ...

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Hawaii’s Hurricane Lane flooding laid bare in shocking drone VIDEO

Striking new drone footage captured from above the Hawaiian town of Hilo shows the scale of devastating flooding after Hurricane Lane tore through the Pacific Islands on Friday. Thousands were left without power after torrential downpour dumped 35 inches of rain across Big Island in just 48 hours. Video filmed from the air above the coastal town of Hilo shows ...

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Russian daredevil rams police cars in high-speed pursuit, escapes free (VIDEO)

A Russian daredevil managed to outwit police in a high-speed pursuit, ramming and dodging the police cars before making a dramatic off-road getaway, leaked dashcam footage revealed. In a police dashcam video shared by Telegram viral news channel Mash, the suspect leads police on a chase through Russia’s Voronezh region. Ignoring the cops’ demands to stop, the driver artfully dodges ...

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Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

A bizarre video, which appears to show a young boy’s reflection moving before he does, has provoked a flood of reaction online as people offer a range of explanations for the perplexing footage. The video, posted on Twitter by a woman from San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week, features the woman’s son standing in front of a mirror, sticking out ...

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Russian prison chief orders regular human rights reports after ‘torture’ video leaks online

The head of Russia’s prison agency has ordered all penal institutions to regularly report on conditions in which inmates are kept after a newspaper released a video allegedly showing prisoners being beaten by staff. Earlier this week, the Russian Justice Ministry registered the order by the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment, Gennadiy Korniyenko, to compile full monthly reports about ...

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