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Feathers ruffled after British boxer chucks chicken at US fighter in Nando’s restaurant (VIDEO)

A brawl between two professional boxers has unfolded in a Belfast Nando’s. A now-viral video caught fighter Deontay Wilder chasing Billy Joe Saunders after Saunders reportedly hurled a chicken at the US heavyweight boxer. The two boxers are in Northern Ireland ahead of British boxer Tyson Fury’s heavyweight showdown with Italian Francesco Pianeta. Fury and Wilder look to face off ...

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In a haunting 360 VIDEO, listen to father relive his daughter's death amid ruins of ghost city Mosul

Panoramic footage from the ruined old city of Mosul, Iraq lets you take a walk through the husk of what was once a bustling economic center, and later a stronghold for ISIS terrorists. Now, what it resembles most is a cemetery. Former Old Town resident Mohammed Qadir walks through the decrepit shell of his former home, detailing the horrors witnessed ...

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Russian heavy bomber Tu-160 executes mid-air refueling before landing in Arctic (VIDEO)

Video has captured the moment a Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 performed a mid-air refueling maneuver during a military drill. The stunt is considered particularly difficult, even by veteran pilots. The footage, released on Thursday by the Russian Defense Ministry’s official channel Zvezda TV, shows the large bomber Tu-160 (NATO reporting name – Blackjack) performing aerial refueling as it flies behind ...

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Antifa clashes debate: Same as ‘Batman using violence to prevent greater violence’? (VIDEO)

Following CNN host Chris Cuomo’s controversial statement that “all punches are not equal,” which prompted accusations that he supports Antifa violence, RT has hosted a debate on whether brute force is sometimes justified. Speaking during an on-air segment, political and social issues commentator Anthony Brian Logan said the issue of violence is a simple one. Read more “You can’t put ...

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‘Social Distortion’ punk band frontman attacks Trump supporter during live show (VIDEO)

Dramatic video footage has captured the moment the lead singer of the punk rock band ‘Social Distortion’ allegedly attacked a supporter of US President Donald Trump during a live performance. Local man Tim Hildebrand says the violent confrontation took place after frontman Mike Ness started bad-mouthing Trump at a concert in the Ace of Spades music venue in Sacramento, California. ...

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50 Cent and 6ix9ine narrowly miss shooting in Brooklyn near music video set

Published time: 16 Aug, 2018 11:51 Edited time: 16 Aug, 2018 11:53 50 Cent and 6ix9ine’s music video shoot almost turned deadly on Tuesday night as they narrowly escaped being hit by gunfire in the Brooklyn area of New York. The two rappers were filming in the Greenpoint neighbourhood when a gunman fired at least 11 shots just a block ...

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‘Baby driver’: Stunned passenger confronts teen-looking busman behind the wheel (VIDEO)

A fresh-faced bus driver was forced to show his driving license to the media to prove that he really was an adult after reports emerged that a school boy was driving passengers in Russia’s southern city of Rostov. Shakhboz Koziev, who drives bus the No 96 in Rostov-on-Don, made headlines earlier this week after one of his passengers uploaded a ...

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Drone footage captures night search for survivors of Genoa bridge collapse (VIDEO)

Drone footage has captured the harrowing aftermath of a bridge collapse in Genoa, as rescue efforts continued into the night in the hope of finding more survivors. The footage shows large search lights illuminating the accident site, with emergency vehicles and rescue workers picking through the rubble. At least 39 people were killed on Tuesday after the bridge failed and ...

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