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15 injured as turbulence wreaks havoc on Miami-Argentina flight (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

An Argentinian flight from Miami to Buenos Aires proved to be quite a wild ride for its 192 passengers after extreme turbulence hit the plane, wreaking havoc aboard and leaving over a dozen people injured, shocking footage shows. Aerolíneas Argentinas flight AR1303 was hit by surprise turbulence during the “cruise” phase of the flight, according to the airline. Fifteen people ...

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Thousands of US-bound migrants storm Guatemala-Mexico border (VIDEO)

Thousands of migrants have arrived at the Mexico-Guatemala border, with some climbing over the fence separating the two countries. US President Donald Trump has threatened to close the US-Mexico border and call in the military. More than 3,000 migrants are demanding they be let into Mexico, and ultimately through to the US, with many heard chanting “We want to work!” ...

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#ICYMI: Jamal Khashoggi: One very awkward ‘death’ for the geopolitical hypocrites (VIDEO)

Working out how to react to the disappearance and likely murder of Saudi journalist-in-exile Jamal Khashoggi is proving hard for a lot of governments around the world. It looks increasingly likely that Saudi Arabia was behind the alleged murder and dismemberment of the Saudi royal family spokesman turned Washington Post critic. One of the biggest clues about who was to ...

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VIDEO of Swiss soldiers caught ‘stoning’ young recruit goes viral

Several Swiss soldiers were ordered by their commanding officer to throw stones at a young recruit in a military training school. The army has launched an investigation after a video of the incident went viral. The video, released earlier by the public broadcaster RSI, shows several men in army fatigues lined up near a single soldier with his back facing them. The ...

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Take a video tour of Facebook’s election security war room

Beneath an American flag, 20 people packed tight into a beige conference room are Facebook’s, and so too the Internet’s, first line of defense for democracy. This is Facebook’s election security war room. Screens visualize influxes of foreign political content and voter suppression attempts as high-ranking team members from across divisions at Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp coordinate rapid responses. The ...

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‘Rot in hell!’: Henry Kissinger heckled at New York University speech (VIDEO)

New York University students heckled and disrupted an appearance by Henry Kissinger on Tuesday, accusing the former US Secretary of State of complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Kissinger, now 95, was wheeled into NYU’s Stern School of Business on Tuesday evening, where he appeared as part of the school’s speaker series ‘In Conversation with Mervyn King.’ Meanwhile, ...

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Banksy releases ‘Director’s Cut’ VIDEO of auction shredding stunt, says mechanism malfunctioned

Banksy has offered more proof that the partial shredding of his work ‘Girl with a Balloon,’ which fetched a record sum at Sotheby’s, was not staged, explaining that the mechanism must have malfunctioned during the creative stunt. “Some people think it didn’t really shred. It did. Some people think the auction house were in on it, they weren’t,” the anonymous ...

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