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‘I would do very well’: Golf enthusiast Trump brags he could beat Putin in boxing match (VIDEO)

Donald Trump declared he would have a good chance against judo black belt Vladimir Putin in a hypothetical boxing match, during some off-script boasting at a Minnesota political rally. Speaking to a throng of supporters, US President Donald Trump criticized the media for trying to undermine his controversial meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, Finland in July. ...

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‘Very scary time for American men’? Trump says Kavanaugh case erodes presumption of innocence

The scandals surrounding Supreme Court Judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh have shown that a “scary time” has come for young men in the US, where they no longer have the privilege of the presumption of innocence, Donald Trump said. Stressing that US lawmakers are demonstrating double standards in the scandal-ridden confirmation process of his protégé, Trump on Tuesday noted a drastic ...

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Trump says China respects him because of his ‘very, very large brain’

US President Donald Trump has revealed why China has so much “respect” for him – drumroll, please – it’s because of his “very, very large brain.” Trump made the audacious claim while discussing fraught US-China relations at a press conference in New York on Wednesday. The president declared that he likes China and believes the feeling is mutual before going ...

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‘Very exciting!’ Trump praises Pyongyang summit results & declarations

US President Donald Trump said the results of the latest meeting between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang and their joint declaration were “very exciting.” Trump in particular praised the North Korean leader’s willingness to allow international monitors to witness the dismantling of the nation’s missile and rocket engine test site. “Kim Jong Un has agreed to allow Nuclear ...

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Trump mulls idea of permanent US military base in Poland, says Warsaw ‘likes it very much’

US President Donald Trump is eyeing a permanent military presence in Poland, saying the country “likes the idea very much.” Warsaw had stated earlier it was ready to pay up to $ 2 billion to have a US military base on its soil. “Poland is willing to make a very major contribution to the United States to come in and ...

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‘Very important evidence': MH17 missile's serial numbers vital to investigation – analysts to RT

The Russian military’s conclusion that the missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 contained Ukrainian serial numbers is important information that should be considered in the international probe, analysts told RT. On Monday, the Russian military announced that the serial numbers found on debris of the Buk missile that downed MH17 over eastern Ukraine show it was produced in ...

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Pence vows US will regain manned space flight capability ‘very soon’ & reconquer Moon by 2024

The US will soon rid itself of its embarrassing and costly reliance on Russian space rockets, vice president Pence has promised, painting an idyllic future where private enterprises will be taking Americans to the moon and beyond. Regretting that US astronauts were “forced to hitch a ride to space” ever since NASA’s Space Shuttle program retired in 2011, Mike Pence ...

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‘Something very good’ for Palestinians: Israel friend Trump now wants fair play in Middle East

After sparking fury by moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, President Donald Trump has now dangled a carrot in front of Palestinians by promising that they “will get something very good” in future negotiations. “It’s their turn next,” was Trump’s reasoning for signalling that his administration is going to throw Palestinians a bone. READ MORE: Trump’s ‘$ 250,000’ ...

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‘Very romantic’: Fox News hosts starry-eyed after Kim Jong-un takes wife on date to fish factory

Fox News, known for its conservative political slant, now appears to be somewhat partial towards North Korea’s leader. Still calling Kim Jong-un a “dictator,” the channel’s hosts noted the “romantic” was showing his “softer side.” While most women prefer to be wined and dined, Kim had another idea for a date with his wife – visiting a fish-pickling factory. In ...

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‘Very dangerous & sick’: Trump hits out at ‘fake news’ media, warns they can cause war

Donald Trump has lashed out at the MSM again, saying the “fake news” media is attacking him for his “enemy of the people” comment “because they know it’s true.” He also called them “sick and dangerous.” “The Fake News hates me saying that they are the Enemy of the People only because they know it’s TRUE,” US President Donald Trump ...

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