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Scientists can alter how your food tastes using virtual reality – study

When we eat, the ambiance and environment play a much larger role than previously thought. A team of scientists at Cornell University have shown that we can alter how our food tastes using virtual reality. “When we eat, we perceive not only just the taste and aroma of foods, we get sensory input from our surroundings – our eyes, ears, ...

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Zimmer Biomet and Apple launch clinical study using Apple Watch and iPhone for 10K knee and hip replacement patients

Apple has made health — and helping people keep tabs on theirs — a cornerstone of how it is presenting the benefits of its newest Apple Watch, and today comes news of another way that this is taking shape. Zimmer Biomet, a world leader in developing the components and systems for joint replacements, says that it is working with Apple ...

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Daily Beast bashed for using Ivanka Trump as ‘clickbait’ for ‘exposé’ on Transcendental Meditation

The Daily Beast was blamed for using Ivanka Trump’s name to lure readers into reading their ‘exposé’ of the weirder aspects of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. The daughter of the US president barely figures in it. TM started as a mantra meditation technique taught by guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and has turned into a world-wide movement since the 1950s. ...

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China reportedly infiltrated Apple and other US companies using ‘spy’ chips on servers

Ready for information about what may be one of the largest corporate espionage programs from a nation-state? The Chinese government managed to gain access to the servers of more than 30 U.S. companies, including Apple, according to an explosive report from Bloomberg published today. Bloomberg reports that U.S-based server motherboard specialist Supermicro was compromised in China where government-affiliated groups are alleged ...

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Academics 'rewrite' Mein Kampf using radical feminist language, paper accepted

A trio of frustrated academics has perpetrated an elaborate hoax exposing malpractice within academic research by submitting 20 bizarre and deliberately ridiculous papers for publication, several of which were accepted. Portland State University assistant professor of philosophy Peter Boghossian and mathematician James Lindsay are the authors behind the now infamous ‘conceptual penis’ as a social construct paper in which the ...

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Putin pledges to continue using counter sanctions for protection of Russia’s interests

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s response to foreign sanctions is ‘very reserved’ and added that new attempts to exert external pressure would only mean introducing new measures to protect national interests. Putin made the statement at the Russian Energy Week event which is currently taking place in Moscow. He said that the main objective of authorities, who had ...

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Vital Labs’ app can measure changes in your blood pressure using an iPhone camera

If a twinkle in the eye of a venture capitalist could predict the longevity of a startup, Vital Labs is going all the way. During a quick demo of the Burlingame, Calif.-based startup’s app, called Vitality, True Ventures partner Adam D’Augelli’s enthusiasm was potent. The company, which emerges from stealth today, is pioneering a new era of personalized cardiovascular healthcare, he said. Vitality ...

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Facebook using phone numbers submitted for security purposes to targets ads

Facebook has confirmed it uses phone numbers, provided to them by security-conscious users for two-factor authentication on their accounts, to target the same individuals with advertising. The tech giant’s confession follows a report in Gizmodo based on research carried out at Northeastern and Princeton universities which uncovered the deceptive practice. “We use the information people provide to offer a better, ...

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Yes Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads

Facebook has confirmed it does in fact use phone numbers that users provided it for security purposes to also target them with ads. Specifically a phone number handed over for two factor authentication (2FA) — a security technique that adds a second layer of authentication to help keep accounts secure. Facebook’s confession follows a story Gizmodo ran a story yesterday, related ...

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US Republicans under fire over ‘offensive’ ad using Hindu Ganesha to ‘woo voters’

Texas Republicans have been slammed with a string of stinging accusations – from being “racist” to “cultural appropriators” – as they ran an ad featuring Hindu deity Ganesha in a bid to attract Indian-American voters. A wave of outrage is pouring in through social media after the Fort Bend County Republican Party sponsored an ad that features a sketch of ...

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