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‘Last stop!’: Driver kicks everyone off bus for not making room for wheelchair user

A Paris bus driver is being hailed as a hero after he expelled all passengers on board his vehicle because no one would make room for a wheelchair user. The incident took place in mid-October but has gone viral in recent days, with unnamed the driver receiving plaudits from around the world after the story received widespread media coverage. Francois ...

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Facebook shares climb despite weak Q3 user growth and revenue

After last quarter’s bloodbath earnings report that cut 20 percent from Facebook’s share price, the social network stumbled in Q3 2018, reaching 2.27 billion monthly users, up 37 million users or 1.79 percent — only slightly better than Q1’s slowest-ever growth rate of just 1.54 percent, and compared to an 2.29 billion Wall Street estimate. It added 24 million daily ...

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Apple’s Tim Cook talks privacy, user data in China and banning Alex Jones

Notoriously secret on one hand, Apple has never been one to shy away from speaking its mind on matters of principle. During this current period of societal tumult, the $ 1 trillion company has more to answer for than ever. In a new interview with VICE News Tonight on HBO, Apple chief executive Tim Cook talked about a slew of ...

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Apple to streamline user data request process for police

Apple plans to make it easier for police to request and access its users’ data, and will put together a team to help law enforcement know what data they can and cannot request. Last year, Apple received and responded to 14,000 requests from US law enforcement agencies, including 231 that were classified as “domestic emergency requests.” The company divulged this ...

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Chat app Line hopes its own crypto token can solve its user growth problem

Line, the Japanese messaging app firm that’s best known for its cutesy characters and stickers, is pushing deeper into crypto after it launched its own token to help grow its stagnant user base. Line went public two years ago with 218 million monthly active users, but it hasn’t been able to kick on. The company no longer gives out its worldwide user number, but ...

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Burger King Russia facing probe over reports of unsolicited user data collection

Russia’s state internet watchdog says it will launch an investigation into the Burger King fast food franchise after customers complained about the company’s attempts to collect their personal data. “We have included Burger King into our inspections plan for the next year. All consumers’ complaints that did not fall under our responsibilities were forwarded to our colleagues from the agency ...

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Twitter vows to continue spam fight despite negative impact on user numbers

Twitter has no intention of easing up on its fight against spam users and other factors that jeopardize the “health” of its service, despite the approach costing it three million in ‘lost’ monthly active users. Investor panic sent Twitter’s stock price down by nearly 20 percent in early trading today following its latest financial report. Twitter posted a record profit ...

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Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator

If you’re an Apple customer living in China who didn’t already opt out of having your iCloud data stored locally, here’s a good reason to do so now. That information, the data belonging to China-based iCloud users which includes emails and text messages, is now being stored by a division of China Telecom, the state-owned telco. The operator’s Tianyi cloud storage business ...

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Facebook independent research commission, Social Science One, will share a petabyte of user interactions

Back in April, Facebook announced it would be working with a group of academics to establish an independent research commission to look into issues of social and political significance using the company’s own extensive data collection. That commission just came out of stealth; it’s called Social Science One, and its first project will have researchers analyzing about a petabyte’s worth ...

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Twitter’s CFO clarifies that its second-quarter user metrics won’t be affected by fake account purge

After a Washington Post report last week that Twitter’s fake account purge might affect its second-quarter user numbers, Twitter’s chief financial officer said on Monday that the clean-up will not affect its metrics. In a tweet, Ned Segal explained that most of the suspended accounts were less than 30 days old or caught at sign up and therefore never counted. ...

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