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Israeli Defense chief urges IDF radio to ban poet praising Palestinian ‘Joan of Arc’

Top Israeli officials are embroiled in a war of words after the defense chief urged IDF radio to ban famed poet Yonatan Geffen on its stations. The artist earlier praised a jailed Palestinian activist for slapping a soldier. “I told Army Radio this morning to stop playing or interviewing Yonatan Geffen on all its stations,” Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman tweeted ...

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State Duma urges swift blocking of online calls for school violence

Online calls for violence in Russian schools should be swiftly blocked, a top Russian MP said, commenting on recent stabbing attacks in Perm and Ulan-Ude. The existing laws provide sufficient tools to fulfill this task, he added. “All the means to block [social media] groups, which contain calls for violence in schools are in the possession of [Russian internet watchdog] ...

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Election Commission head urges Russians to come home from Ukraine for upcoming presidential polls

Russian citizens who live in Ukraine should consider coming back to the Motherland for the forthcoming presidential elections, since no one can guarantee their safety elsewhere, the head of the Election Commission has said. “I don’t have an answer regarding how Russian citizens can vote there, there’s no one to discuss this issue with,” Chair of Russia’s Central Election Commission ...

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China urges US to ‘cherish’ Iran nuclear deal, slams unilateral sanctions policy

China has reiterated its support for the Iran nuclear deal, praising Tehran for adhering to the agreement despite Washington’s unilateral sanctions and constant threats to scrap it unless some “disastrous flaws” are fixed. “As the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] has not come by easily, all relevant parties should cherish it,” Chinese Foreign Minister Lu Kan said on Saturday. ...

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‘Envy of the world’: Macron urges UNESCO to protect French baguette as cultural heritage

President Emmanuel Macron has backed calls from bakers to put the traditional French bread – the baguette – on the list of intangible cultural treasures protected by UNESCO, calling the oblong loaf an “envy of the world.” “The baguette is envied around the world. We must preserve its excellence and our expertise, and it is for this reason that it ...

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‘Whole state was terrified’: Hawaii urges ‘tough & quick’ reprisal for bogus missile alert

After the entire state of Hawaii suffered an almighty scare over an imminent missile attack warning, angry officials and the public are calling for “tough and quick accountability” for the “totally inexcusable” mishap. “The whole state was terrified,” said Hawaiian US senator Brian Schatz following the false alarm on Saturday morning, which went uncorrected for 38 minutes. He called for ...

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Maduro urges Latin American states to join oil & gold-backed cryptocurrency project

Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro has invited members of the regional ALBA-TCP bloc to join him in launching a new cryptocurrency. Named petro, the cryptocurrency will be backed by the country’s oil, gas, gold and diamond riches. “I have a proposal for the economic teams of the ALBA: to assume jointly the creation of an oil-backed petro cryptocurrency, which will be ...

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Japan’s nuclear watchdog urges discharge of Fukushima radioactive water into ocean

A final decision to release over a million tons of radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima plant should be made “within this year,” as its operator is running out of land to store the waste, Japan’s nuclear regulator said. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the operator of the Fukushima plant, is short on time to decide what to do with ...

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Twitter ridicules State Dept. after it urges US citizens to ‘reconsider travel’ to Russia

The US State Department found itself the focus of social media jibes after an overhaul of its travel safety warning system downgraded Russia to the same category as Mauritania, Sudan and other trouble spots. The move, explained as “due to terrorism and harassment,” comes at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow and just five months before Russia ...

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‘If you invest, the risk is on you’: Putin urges caution on cryptocurrencies

Russian President Vladimir Putin has weighed in on the bitcoin debate. Although there will eventually be a need to legislate cryptocurrencies, he said any risks taken by investors now are their own responsibility. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, President Putin said the Central Bank of Russia’s (CBR) cautious approach to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is because there is ...

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