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Iran sets up factory to build uranium enrichment centrifuge components

Iran has completed a new factory to produce components for uranium enrichment centrifuges, however it is not yet in operation as Tehran hopes the landmark 2015 nuclear deal will stand, even as it prepares for its fall. The factory is capable of producing some 60 rotors for the IR-6 enrichment centrifuges on a daily basis, according chief of the Atomic ...

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Iran’s move toward uranium enrichment is message to EU to stand up to US, but it might be too late

Iran’s move to get ready to enrich uranium is an attempt to send a message to Europe, encouraging it to resist US pressure to abandon the nuclear deal, experts told RT. But Germany, France and the UK might be ready to give up. On Monday, Iran announced it’s moving to “upgrade” its uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, which was suspended ...

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Iran to boost production of uranium enrichment material – state atomic agency

Tehran has said it is revamping its uranium enrichment program, phased out under the nuclear deal. As part of the new build-up, it will boost production of UF6, a gas needed to produce fuel for nuclear reactors and weapons. The move was announced by Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which oversees ...

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Iran warns it may resume uranium enrichment if EU fails to keep nuclear deal alive

Iran may resume its 20-percent uranium enrichment if EU governments fail to respect the 2015 nuclear deal after US withdrawal, the country’s Atomic Energy Organization chief has warned. “If the other side keeps itself committed to its promises we also will be keeping ourselves to our promises … We hope the situation will not arise to the point that we ...

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Mysterious enriched uranium particle detected in skies over Alaska

Scientists have found a “highly unusual” particle enriched with uranium in the skies over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The source of the substance, which is typically used in nuclear fuel and bombs, is still unclear. The mysterious substance “containing a very small amount of enriched uranium” was found at an altitude of 7km (4.3 miles) above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, according to ...

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Uranium One: Nuclear scandal fallout hits FBI & Clintons

As Democrats and Republicans target each other with accusations of ‘Russian collusion,’ they seize on evidence of the other’s alleged wrongdoing, no matter how flimsy. The latest such case is the Uranium One controversy. Though Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of “colluding” with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, which they thought Hillary Clinton was sure to win, ...

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Uranium One scandal shows Washington still blames Russia for everything

An FBI informant testified before Congress about alleged Russian collusion with the Clintons to gain influence with the Obama White House. As expected, the Uranium One scandal has become the latest hot button issue on the Hill. The informant, Douglas Campbell, told three separate congressional committees via written statements that Moscow had routed millions of dollars to the US with ...

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Iran may speed up uranium enrichment if Trump re-imposes sanctions

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 17:03 Iran has the capability to increase its enrichment of uranium, the country’s atomic energy agency has said, noting that Tehran will perform the “necessary actions” if the US re-imposes sanctions on the country’s oil exports. “If the suspension (of sanctions) is not continued it’s a violation of the [Iran nuclear deal] and the Islamic ...

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Justice Dept asks FBI to explain evidence found in Clinton-facilitated Uranium One deal – report

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 17:41 FBI agents have been asked to explain evidence regarding the probe into a deal that gave a Russian company control of 20 percent of US uranium and involved Hillary Clinton. Justice Department prosecutors have been asking the agents to describe the results of the now dormant investigation in recent weeks. The agents have also ...

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Saudi Arabia begins uranium exploration to develop nuclear energy

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 11:14 The House of Saud has started a survey for uranium and thorium resources, according to a report by Argaam, a Saudi Arabian financial news portal. The kingdom will not use it for military purposes, officials say. Exploration has begun in the Hail region of the Al Hail Province by the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) ...

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