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Parents could get mobile location data of missing kids under new Russian bill

The search for missing children in Russia could be sped up if a new draft bill, which allows for location data from mobile phones to be given to parents and rescue services, passes in the State Duma. Deputy Duma Speaker and MP Irina Yarovaya, representing the majority party United Russia, has drafted a bill allowing rescue services to receive mobile ...

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Kiev bizarrely accuses Blumenthal of writing expose on Ukrainian neo-Nazis in Haaretz under pen name

Connecting the dots can be tricky. Ukraine’s Embassy in Israel tried, and came up with a crazy conspiracy theory, claiming Israel critic Max Blumenthal stole the identity of a longtime Haaretz contributor to publish an expose. Blumenthal is editor of the Grayzone Project website and a longtime critic of right-wing policies in Israel. He has also for years reported on ...

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Facebook under fresh political pressure as UK watchdog calls for “ethical pause” of ad ops

The UK’s privacy watchdog revealed yesterday that it intends to fine Facebook the maximum possible (£500k) under the country’s 1998 data protection regime for breaches related to the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal. But that’s just the tip of the regulatory missiles now being directed at the platform and its ad-targeting methods — and indeed, at the wider big data economy’s ...

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Apple combines machine learning and Siri teams under Giannandrea

Apple is creating a new AI/ML team that brings together its Core ML and Siri teams under one leader in John Giannandrea. Apple confirmed this morning that the combined Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team, which houses Siri, will be led by the recent hire, who came to Apple this year after an eight-year stint at Google, where he led ...

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Corpses still rot under Raqqa rubble after US-backed liberation – but West nowhere to be seen

Scores of corpses are still being dug up from the ruins of Raqqa, one year after its US-backed liberation from IS, but the West is seemingly in no rush to help the community recover. RT takes a look at the city’s plight. Once a prosperous and vibrant place, Raqqa emerged from the 2017 liberation operation with 90 percent of its ...

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‘Air hooliganism’: Fines for misbehaving on planes to rise tenfold under Duma committee plan

Russia’s Lower House Committee for Legislative Work has upheld a proposal to increase fines for violent behavior on board passenger aircraft and for those refusing to comply with the captain’s orders. If the new bill is passed into law, the maximum fine for disobeying the captain’s orders would increase practically tenfold and become 40,000 roubles or about $ 645. The ...

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Ewww: Robotic cockroach can walk on and under water (VIDEO)

Real cockroaches are disturbing enough, but Harvard’s new robotic roach can outlast its counterpart underwater and in other environments. The tiny explorer robot can also leverage physics in ways that larger robots cannot. Cockroaches are known for their endurance, and can survive underwater for 30 minutes, but Harvard’s robotic cockroach can do so much more. The Ambulatory Microrobot, known as ...

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‘Calm down, it’s a friggin’ movie’: Scarlett Johansson under fire over trans man prostitution role

Scarlett Johansson is under fire again, this time for her new role as a transgender man. It comes a year after she was accused of whitewashing an Asian character in a movie with the same director. The US actress will team up again with director Rupert Sanders for the movie ‘Rub & Tug,’ which is expected to center on Pittsburgh ...

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‘Hesitating’ police officer’s response to Mandalay Bay massacre under review (VIDEO)

New footage showing police officers appearing to hesitate before confronting the Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock, has prompted a review of the police response to the mass shooting. Footage shows officers leaving an elevator in the Mandalay Bay Hotel one floor below the room from which Stephen Paddock gunned down 58 people. In the footage, released last week, the officers ...

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‘Give your housekeeper a ride home’: Amber Heard under fire for ‘racist’ ICE tweet

Actress Amber Heard has been branded a “racist” after posting a tweet advising people to give their housekeepers and landscapers a ride home because of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) checkpoint in her neighborhood. The 32-year-old posted the controversial message on Tuesday to alert her 60,000 followers about an immigration checkpoint near her home. In a since-deleted tweet Heard ...

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