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Uber brings on Facebook product director to lead driver product

Uber has brought on Daniel Danker to serve as a senior director and head of driver product. Prior to joining Uber, he was a product director at Facebook responsible for video and Facebook Live. “Drivers are the heart of the Uber experience, and Daniel’s passion for our mission and deep product knowledge will ensure we continue to improve and innovate on ...

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Emergency brakes disabled on unmanned Uber that killed Arizona woman – report

The death of a woman who was run over by a self-driving Uber in Arizona was most likely caused by a disabled braking system which had to be activated to avoid potentially hazardous situations, investigators said on Thursday. Read more In a preliminary report, the National Transportation Safety Board stated that the autonomous Uber vehicle had spotted the woman as ...

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Google and Levi’s ‘connected’ jacket will let you know when your Uber is here

Remember Project Jacquard? Two years ago, Google showed off its “connected” jean jacket designed largely for bike commuters who can’t fiddle with their phone. The jacket launched this past fall, in partnership with Levi’s, offering a way for wearers to control music, screen phone calls, and get directions with a tap or brush of the cuff. Today, Google is adding more ...

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Uber and the US Army team up to make flying cars

The US Army and ridesharing company Uber have signed an agreement to develop technology that could be used for flying cars – or military aircraft. Uber and the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command said that they would be spending $ 1 million to develop and test a rotor system that could allow vertical takeoff and landing. By utilizing ...

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New York cabbies challenge Uber, Lyft amid driver-suicide spike

New York taxi drivers are calling for stricter regulation of ride-sharing services. Their protest comes after four cab drivers committed suicide over financial difficulties exacerbated by Uber and Lyft competition. Taxi drivers held an emergency protest outside City Hall on Wednesday following the recent suicide of Nicanor Ochisor, a 65-year-old yellow-taxi driver, who took his own life at his home ...

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Uber has reportedly rescinded its job offer for the Amazon exec that was its potential product lead

Uber appeared set to hire Assaf Ronen, the former vice president of Amazon’s voice and natural user interface shopping, to lead its products — but it looks like that isn’t going to happen due to a discrepancy in his working history, according to Recode. Uber discovered a discrepancy related to his tenure at Amazon, where the company appeared to be ...

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Police release video of fatal Uber driverless cab collision (GRAPHIC)

The moment a woman was run down and killed by an experimental driverless Uber taxi was captured in a shocking video. Police in Tempe, Arizona, released the clips taken by onboard cameras. A dashboard camera shows the car driving along a road at night in the suburb of the state capital, Phoenix, on Sunday night. A woman wheeling a bicycle ...

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Uber suspends self-driving vehicle tests after fatal crash

Uber is pausing its autonomous car tests after a woman died in Arizona. The pedestrian was hit by a self-driving Uber vehicle. The woman died after being hit by the self-driving car operated by the company in Tempe, Arizona, the New York Times reports. The vehicle was driving in autonomous mode with a human driver at the wheel when it ...

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Cloud-surfing cabs: Uber CEO sees flying cars within next decade

Flying taxis may sound like something from 90’s sci-fi hit The Fifth Element, but that’ll be the reality in 5-10 years if Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has his way. Khosrowshahi said he could see the commercialisation of the Uber Air flying taxi service taking to the skies within the next decade, and that he expects flying vehicles to eventually be ...

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Uber settles lawsuit with Waymo

Uber has agreed to settle the lawsuit brought against it by Waymo for theft of some of the company’s trade secrets. As part of the settlement, Uber has agreed to work with Waymo to ensure that the company’s LIDAR and software represents just the work of Uber engineers. The agreement also comes with a financial settlement of roughly $ 244 ...

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