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Twitter to de-rank ‘trolls,’ provokes conservative anger over ‘censorship’

Twitter’s announcement that it will limit the visibility of tweets from what it calls ‘troll accounts’ was met with anger by conservatives and free-speech advocates, who see it as another turn of the screw towards censorship. The platform’s new policy was revealed in a blog post on Tuesday, which promises to make sweeping changes to the way conversations work. Twitter will ...

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Twitter algorithm changes will hide more bad tweets and trolls

Twitter’s latest effort to curb trolling and abuse on the site takes some of the burden off users and places it on the company’s algorithms. If you tap on a Twitter or real-world celebrity’s tweet, more often than not there’s a bot as one of the first replies. This has been an issue for so long it’s a bit ridiculous, ...

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Smiles amid bloodbath: Twitter points out bad optics of US embassy opening during Gaza massacre

Published time: 14 May, 2018 16:29 Edited time: 14 May, 2018 16:34 As American officials smiled and clapped at the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, Palestinian protesters were gunned down by Israeli bullets at the Gaza border. Twitter users were quick to point out the competing visuals and bad optics on a day when US officials were ...

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#1917LIVE wins Digiday content marketing awards for best on Twitter

RT’s educational historical project #1917LIVE beat giants Viacom and NASCAR in the Digiday Awards’ Most Original Use of Twitter category. The Digiday Content Marketing awards recognize the content that connects brands to audiences across channels including mobile, social, video and more. This year’s winners include National Geographic, Amazon, Netflix and Refinery29. #1917LIVE was a historical re-enactment of the Russian Revolution ...

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Is Twitter taking Snowden’s advice? ‘Encrypted message feature’ spotted in Android app

One wily Twitter user has discovered a potential new encrypted feature on the app which could prove a gamechanger for its roughly 330 million monthly active users. The as-yet-unlaunched ‘Secret conversation’ function, buried in Twitter’s Android app, could allow users to send encrypted messages similar to apps like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp reports TechCrunch. The hidden feature was reportedly first ...

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Twitter has an unlaunched ‘Secret’ encrypted messages feature

Buried inside Twitter’s Android app is a “Secret conversation” option that if launched would allow users to send encrypted direct messages. The feature could make Twitter a better home for sensitive communications that often end up on encrypted messaging apps like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp. The encrypted DMs option was first spotted inside the Twitter for Android application package (APK) ...

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‘Save Barnes & Noble’: Twitter worried parts of US will be left without bookstores

‘Save Barnes & Noble’ started trending on Twitter on Monday, after an article in the New York Times highlighted the financial woes of the bookstore chain, igniting fears it may fold and leave parts of the US without a bookshop. The opinion piece cited the company’s declining revenue as reason to believe the Fortune 500 company is in trouble. Total ...

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'Will Macron heal empty wallets?' Twitter goes mad after spokesman’s 'King touches you' comment

French Twitter is melting with ‘King Macron’ comments and barbs, after the President’s spokesman called the leader’s touch “performative ” and “fundamental,” reminding readers that, when “King touches you, God heals you”. The ‘royal’ scent that has emanated from Emmanuel Macron just won’t leave him. This time social media went viral following a Le Monde story written by Bruno Roger-Petit, ...

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Twitter erupts after Senator McCain ‘disinvites’ Trump to his funeral

Social media has been flooded with comments after Republican Senator John McCain demanded that US President Donald Trump be kept away from his funeral. McCain, 81, who has been battling a brain tumor since his diagnosis July of 2017, shared some thoughts and, it appears, funeral plans over the weekend. Everything has been thought of, including the list of unwelcome ...

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'Racial profiling, white privilege': Twitter reacts to Native American teens kicked off campus tour

Two Native American teens were pulled from a campus tour at Colorado State University because a white mother called the police fearing that they “didn’t belong.” The two teens – Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and his brother Lloyd Skanahwati Gray – were questioned by police after the mother of another teen on the tour called to report their “odd” behaviour and ...

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