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Twitter will tell users if content was blocked to comply with local laws or legal demands

Twitter will now display messages to inform users if blocked tweets were withheld to comply with local laws or court orders, which it calls Country Withheld Content (CWC). The public already has information about CWC through notices sent directly to affected accounts, Lumen, a database of legal requests for the removal of online content, and Twitter’s own biannual transparency reports. ...

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Twitter adds support for app-based two-factor authentication

Twitter is rolling out an update to its platform security that will allow users to employ third-part authentication apps to receive a two-factor login authentication for their Twitter account. Twitter has offered two-factor for a long while now, but it’s used the less secure SMS-based verification method excessively until now. The third-party app support means you can use tools like ...

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Snap and Twitter now have roughly the same market cap

While we won’t call this a huge watershed moment per se, something nominally interesting in the world of Weird Social Media Things happened this morning: Snap and Twitter are now worth the same based on their market caps. With some small moves on both companies’ shares, both companies are now hovering around $ 18.7 billion in market cap. There are ...

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Champagne socialist? French PM spends over $415k on plane flight, gets roasted on Twitter

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 16:25 French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has come under fire over the whopping cost of his recent trip to New Caledonia and Japan, and the use of a private luxury plane for more than $ 415,000. Philippe and the French delegation of about fifty people took a private plane to fly from Tokyo to Paris ...

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Twitter launches a new enterprise API to power customer service and chatbots

Twitter’s big news this week is its announcement that it’s now enforcing its new policies around hateful content and abuse, but today the company is rolling out something new for developers, as well: an enterprise-level API providing access to real-time activities like tweets, retweets, likes and follows. The addition of the API is part of Twitter’s broader plan to revamp ...

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Facebook considers blocking far-right Britain First after Twitter suspends leaders’ accounts

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 15:45 Facebook is considering whether to ban far-right group Britain First from its platform. It comes just days after Twitter blocked the accounts of its leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen in a clampdown on hate speech. Neither can post messages and all of their previous messages have gone – with their group’s official page ...

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Twitter finally boots hate group that Trump retweeted off its platform

Yesterday Twitter said it would begin enforcing new hate speech rules to shutter accounts that promote violence against citizens to further their causes. The same day it suspended the accounts of the far right British hate group, Britain First, along with the accounts of its leader Paul Golding, and deputy Jayda Fransen. Fransen, whose far right anti-muslim hate group has ...

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Twitter today starts enforcing new rules around violence and hate

Twitter today says it will begin to enforce new rules related to how it handles hateful conduct and abusive behavior taking place on its platform. The changes are a part of the company’s broader agenda to craft new policies focused on reducing the amount of abuse, hate speech, violence and harassment. Specifically, Twitter explains that in addition to threatening violence ...

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Twitter slammed for banning Egyptian journalist’s account

Egyptian journalist Wael Abbas has had his Twitter account suspended, drawing condemnation from activists and journalists and prompting speculation about why he was shut down. The award-winning journalist is known for his coverage of human rights abuses in Egypt, including his documentation of police brutality. Twitter removed his account Wednesday and it is still suspended. “What Twitter did is very ...

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Twitter is soaring today as its stock hits a high for the year

Twitter is finally having a good day on Wall Street as it heads into the final weeks of the year, and this time around it may be a result of a little bit of optimism from investors. There were two big moves for the company today: first, Twitter said it would begin enforcing new rules related to how it handles ...

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