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EU’s Tusk to Trump: Respect your allies, you don’t have many

European Council President Donald Tusk called on Donald Trump to be more respectful towards America’s allies ahead of a NATO summit, arguing that they are now in short supply, Reuters reports. “Dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don’t have that many,” Tusk said after signing a statement on cooperation between the EU and NATO. The declaration was signed ...

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Tusk warns EU leaders to 'prepare for the worst' in transatlantic relations

EU leaders must be prepared for a “worst case scenario” in transatlantic relations, Donald Tusk has warned ahead of the European Council summit, blaming the US president for failing to maintain unity with Europe. “Despite our tireless efforts to keep the unity of the West, transatlantic relations are under immense pressure due to the policies of President Trump. Unfortunately, the ...

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'With friends like that who needs enemies’: Tusk lashes out at Trump

European Council President Donald Tusk derided US President Donald Trump over his administration’s “capricious assertiveness” and called on the EU to unite on the Iran nuclear agreement and tariffs. Speaking at a Western Balkans summit in Sofia, Bulgaria on Wednesday, Tusk didn’t hold back in his assessment of the US, saying EU members should unite to face “a new phenomenon ...

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EU’s Donald Tusk hampered post-Brexit free movement deal – New Europeans CEO (VIDEO)

The New Europeans group has rounded on President of the European Council Donald Tusk, accusing him of creating unnecessary barriers for the British citizens during Brexit negotiations and being generally uncooperative. Leader of the pro-European Union civil group the New Europeans, Roger Casale, has rounded on Tusk over British citizens rights in the EU during a session of the European ...

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‘Our hearts are still open’: EU Council chief Tusk says UK can still stop Brexit

Britain still has time to “change its mind” and stop Brexit, European Council President Donald Tusk has said, tweeting that “our hearts are still open” to “our British friends.” “Unless there is a change of heart among our British friends, #Brexit will become a reality – with all its negative consequences – in March next year,” Tusk wrote. Unless there ...

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‘Polexit’ vote could happen if Warsaw becomes EU net contributor – Tusk

EU President Donald Tusk has warned that Poland’s nationalist government could follow the UK in leaving the 28-member bloc if one day its contribution to the bloc outweighs the funding it receives. In an interview with the weekly Tygodnik Powszechny, the former Polish prime minister and opponent of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party said he has “no doubt ...

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‘If Ireland’s not happy, we’re not happy’: Tusk gives Dublin formal veto on Brexit border issue

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 18:45 The European Council has pledged to stand with Ireland on Brexit border negotiations, telling reporters that if the Irish veto the offer tabled by UK PM Theresa May, then the EU will not accept the deal. European Council President Donald Tusk visited Ireland on Friday. He made the announcement after meeting with Irish Prime ...

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‘Alarm!’ EU’s Tusk says Polish govt policy is ‘Kremlin plan’

European Council President Donald Tusk has accused Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party of promoting Russian interests, saying the policy of the conservative government in Warsaw could be an evil “Kremlin plan.” “Alarm! Strident dispute with Ukraine, isolation in the European Union, walking away from rule of law and judicial independence, attack on non-governmental sector and free media,” Tusk tweeted ...

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'Poland will be marginalised in Europe' Tusk in astonishing ATTACK as Warsaw defies EU

The bill, sponsored by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), was passed by parliament’s lower house earlier in the day after tumultuous debate. It saw one of the biggest protests since the PiS came to power in late 2015. European Council President Donald Tusk, a former Polish centrist prime minister and arch-adversary of PiS, said he had asked President ...

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DAWN OF MERCRON: Move over Juncker and Tusk… Merkel and Macron spark new power wrangle

The symbolic event between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron marked the shifting teutonic plates of power within the bloc with the two countries re-emerging as the driving force of the union. Mr Macron said: “When France and Germany speak with one voice, Europe can move forward. Sometimes it is not enough, but it is a necessary ...

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