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Racist robocalls and Soros funding? Florida governor race turns dirty fast

The hotly contested race for the Florida governor’s mansion has turned nasty quickly, with one side accused of racism and the other taken to task over controversial financial donors, including the ubiquitous George Soros. The high-profile race has been described as a litmus test for America, as it sees Andrew Gillum, a Bernie Sanders-backed Democrat go up against Rep. Ron ...

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‘Elegant crap’: Paris urinal project turns into social media pissing contest

If you can’t beat them, join them. Paris has done just that by providing public urinators with a more sanitized place to whizz in the open. But not everyone is pleased with public urinals popping up around the City of Love. A war against street soilage has prompted Paris authorities to roll out a number of devices known as uritrottoirs, ...

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Samsung turns to Plume for new mesh Wifi product line

Samsung today is announcing an updated version of its Wifi product line. The company partnered with Palo Alto-based Plume Design to provide software that powers the devices. According to Samsung, Plume’s platform uses artificial intelligence to allocate bandwidth across connected devices while delivering the best possible wifi coverage throughout a home. Plus, by using Plume, Samsung gets to say its ...

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Facebook turns to NATO think tank to police news, views & ideas

Under tremendous pressure from politicians and mainstream media, Facebook and other social networks have turned to purging content, viewpoints and even users that the powers-that-be have declared objectionable. Still angry over the 2016 US presidential election, Democrats blame social media for giving President Donald Trump and his supporters a voice and claim the likes of Facebook and Twitter have served ...

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This hack turns your old Kindle into a clock

If you have an old Kindle e-reader lying about then you’d best dig it up. This cool hack can turn your dead e-reader into a living clock that scours hundreds of books for exact times and displays the current time in a quote. It updates once a minute. The project, available on Instrucables, requires a jailbroken Kindle and little else. ...

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Twitter turns to academics to improve conversational health on the platform

Twitter is partnering with two groups of academic researchers to figure out how to measure the health of conversations happening on the platform. It’s all part of the company’s continuing long game for social relevance. Despite the fact that it lost 1 million users, the company also posted $ 100 million in profit during last week’s earnings. But neither of ...

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Active shooter scare turns out to be failed robbery in La Plaza Mall in south Texas

Published time: 28 Jul, 2018 18:08 Edited time: 28 Jul, 2018 18:52 Police have reported an active shooter situation at the Plaza Mall in McAllen in south Texas, saying that officers from several law enforcement agencies were heading to the site. Police said later in a tweet that it was an attempt to rob a jewelry store at the mall, and ...

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Mexico turns to Russian wheat amid escalating trade spat with United States

Producers of Mexican bread, pasta and flour tortillas are looking for cheaper supplies of wheat from Russia in an attempt to reduce reliance on the US due to an ongoing trade conflict with its northern neighbor. The US market share is currently undergoing a dramatic decline as Mexico, the major purchaser of American grains, is turning to alternative markets amid ...

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Prime Down: Amazon’s sale day turns into fail day

Update: Here’s how to get around Amazon’s error. Use smile.amazon.com. TechCrunch confirmed this workaround works. It’s not just you. Amazon Prime Day started 15 minutes ago, and so far, it’s not going well for Amazon. The landing page for Prime Day does not work. When most links are clicked, readers are sent to an error page or to a landing ...

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From 2 to 4%: Trump turns the screws on NATO allies to up defense spending

Donald Trump is now demanding that NATO nations spend 4% of their GDP on defense, doubling the current spending commitment that many member states are already struggling to meet. Tweeting from Brussels – where the US president is currently locking horns with his NATO allies during their annual summit – Trump said that Berlin’s reliance on NATO protection while also ...

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