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Turkish shelling narrowly misses reporter covering pro-Syrian govt deployment in Afrin (VIDEO)

Turkish forces have attempted to prevent the convoy of pro-government Syrian militias from entering the Kurdish-held Afrin, unleashing a barrage of artillery fire which hit close to media covering the deployment. A reporter, apparently working for Al Mayadeen pan-Arabist satellite television channel, has narrowly escaped being struck by a shell that landed a few hundred meters down the road from ...

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Pro-govt Syrian fighters begin entering Kurdish Afrin despite Turkish threats – Syrian TV

Published time: 20 Feb, 2018 14:32 Edited time: 20 Feb, 2018 14:58 A convoy of fighters waving Syrian flags has apparently entered the northern Kurdish-held region of Afrin, which Turkey is targeting in a cross-border operation, footage on Syrian state TV shows. The pro-government fighters were filmed entering the village of Nubul in some 20 pickup trucks. An RT source ...

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Turkish military plane crashes in Izmir province, 2 pilots dead

Published time: 16 Feb, 2018 08:49 Edited time: 16 Feb, 2018 08:57 A military plane has crashed in Izmir province, western Turkey, during a training flight, the Turkish Armed Forces said in a statement. Both pilots were killed in the accident. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Cigli Airbase at around 11am local time Friday, statement says, as cited ...

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Greek coast guard ship ‘damaged by Turkish vessel’

Greek authorities say a Turkish coast guard vessel rammed one of their patrol boats near a disputed territory in the Aegean Sea on Monday night. The Greek coast guard ship was anchored off the islets of Imia when the Turkish boat struck it, reports Ekathimerini.com. Nobody was injured in the incident but the Greek vessel’s stern sustained damage. The incident ...

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Standoff on high seas: Turkish warships block Cypriot offshore drilling

Cyprus has accused Turkey of obstructing a drilling rig from reaching an exploration area in the east Mediterranean. The Italian energy firm Eni was set to undertake exploratory drilling for natural gas. Read more The Saipem 12000 drill ship was en route to an area south-east of Cyprus when it was stopped by Turkish warships and told to go no ...

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Turkish military helicopter shot down in Syria operation – Erdogan

A Turkish military helicopter was shot down during Operation Olive Branch (conducted in northern Syria), President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, as cited by Anadolu agency. Read more “A little earlier, one of our helicopters was shot down,” Erdogan said in a televised address on Saturday. The helicopter is reported to have crashed in the Turkish Hatay Province on the border ...

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Silence of machines: Robot muted & ‘formatted’ after interrupting Turkish minister

A Turkish minister speaking at a tech conference has ordered a disrespectful robot to be silenced, after it interrupted the official’s speech multiple times, urging him to speak more slowly. The bizarre incident took place during an event in Ankara marking Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. Turkey’s Communications and Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan was giving a speech at the conference, ...

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Only demons eat left-handed, says Turkish Muslim authority

Turkey’s highest religious authority has said that every pious Muslim must only use their right hand to eat and drink – because, apparently, only demons are left-handed. Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), which is an official state institution, issued a fatwa (decree) Saturday, implying that those who happen to be born left-handed should switch sides for their own good, ...

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US troops in Kurdish uniform may be targeted by Olive Branch forces – Turkish Deputy PM

US troops fighting alongside Syrian Kurdish militias in the same uniform may be targeted by the Turkish army due to the difficulty of distinguishing them in the heat of battle, Turkey’s Deputy PM has warned. The unambiguous warning comes at a time when Turkish troops are making further advances into the Kurdish-held Syrian province of Afrin as part of ‘Operation ...

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Blood covers hospital floors as Turkish Army advances into Syria (VIDEO)

Supplies at Afrin Hospital in northern Syria are running low as beds are packed with wounded civilians, fleeing advancing Turkish forces in their operation against Kurdish fighters. Footage from the scene shows blood being wiped from the floor and relatives in tears as Afrin Hospital becomes overwhelmed with victims. [embedded content] “We were leaving the Raju area when a jet ...

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