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Turkish lira touches record low as Erdogan pledges more govt control of economy

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced more state control in the country’s fiscal and economic policy. This triggered a further sell-off in the Turkish lira. Erdogan announced the measures in a recent interview with Bloomberg. They will come after the presidential election in July, which will end Turkey’s transition to a presidential republic and is set to consolidate ...

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Turkish airlines plane tail smashed in dramatic collision at Istanbul Intl’ Airport (VIDEO)

A dramatic collision took place at Istanbul-Ataturk International Airport, as a South Korean Asiana passenger plane sliced into the tail of a Turkish Airlines plane while taxiing on the runaway. Footage has emerged showing the moment the two planes collided on Sunday. The South Korean Asiana A330 airplane, which was heading for Seoul, can be seen making its way to ...

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Man clings to car hood as Turkish floodwaters sweep vehicle away (VIDEO)

Flash floods transformed the streets of Ankara, Turkey into rivers on Saturday, with vehicles swept away in fast-moving currents. One plucky local was filmed escaping disaster by perching on top of his floating car’s hood. Six people were injured in the floods which occurred after heavy rainfall at about midday local time. The downpour was expected to last a few ...

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Turkish cargo vessel ‘rams’ Greek warship in Aegean Sea

A Turkish cargo vessel has come into close contact and nudged a Greek gunboat that was on patrol for unauthorized migrant crossings in the Aegean Sea. The Greek navy said their 180-foot (55-meter) Armatolos gunboat was on patrol off the island of Lesbos, as part of a NATO operation, when a Turkish-flagged vessel “approached and touched” their boat at about ...

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Russia scraps ban on Turkish tomatoes

Russia has agreed to end the ban on Turkish tomatoes, a key sector of the country’s agriculture. The move from Moscow comes amid improving relations with Ankara. The ban will officially stop on May 1. Under the new agreement, Turkey will be allowed to export up to 50,000 tons of tomatoes to Russia per year. In return, Russia will be ...

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Turkish police confiscate 'ancient' bible during routine traffic stop (PHOTOS)

Police in Turkey have reportedly seized an ancient leather-bound bible during a routine traffic stop in the country’s central province of Nigde on Saturday. Various Turkish media report that the surprising find was made when police stopped a vehicle during routine traffic inspections on the Aksaray-Adana highway. Four men, including two Syrian nationals and one Iraqi, were taken into custody ...

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Turkish TV fined for portraying S. Korean president as ‘killer’ & Ivanka Trump as his ‘wife’

A Turkish broadcaster has been fined for depicting South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the US First Daughter Ivanka Trump as a “killer couple.” The channel says the two photos were used in a report about a murder by mistake. The Istanbul-based Show TV landed in hot water in late February, after a news program showed a photo of South ...

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‘The EU must be grateful’: Turkish PM says Ankara serves as bulwark against terrorism

The West should be grateful to Ankara for stopping terrorists from entering the EU, Turkey’s prime minister has said, following criticism from the bloc regarding the country’s offensive against Kurdish groups in Syria. Read more Binali Yildirim said the European Union would likely face serious problems if Turkey stopped preventing migrants from pouring into Europe. “The EU must be grateful ...

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‘Open support for terrorism’: Turkish deputy PM slams Macron’s pro-Kurdish statement

Turkey’s deputy PM has accused France of supporting terrorism by siding with the Kurds. It comes after the French president met representatives of the Syrian Kurdish militias in Paris and expressed his country’s support for them. Emmanuel Macron met a delegation from Syria on Thursday, which included the YPG, the Kurdish militias, as well as the Kurds’ political arm, the ...

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Iraq’s Sinjar & Syria’s Tal Rifaat next targets of Turkish military op – Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced the launch of a new military operation against Kurdish militants in Iraqi Sinjar. He also vowed to take over the Kurdish-controlled town of Tal Rifaat in northern Aleppo, Syria. “We’ve eliminated 3,747 terrorists [in Syria’s Afrin],” Erdogan said on Sunday, adding that Ankara has now begun an operation against the Kurdish militants in ...

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