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‘You’ve gained public trust’: Japan’s Abe boasts army’s reputation as he drives to beef up defense

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that 90 percent of the Japanese population respects the military as he pushes to expand it and change the country’s constitution to get rid of its post-WWII pacifist requirements. “Ninety percent of the population now treats the Self-Defense Force (SDF) with respect,” Abe said during a military-themed event on Sunday. “You have gained public trust ...

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People worldwide trust Putin more than they trust Trump, says US think-tank poll

A recent worldwide opinion poll conducted by Pew Research Center shows that Vladimir Putin enjoys more trust than Donald Trump, and analysts blame this fact on America’s selfish and reckless foreign policy. Trade wars with key economic partners, continuing military operations abroad, and the ongoing split among US political elites have been thought to do little for the president’s image. ...

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No unilateral disarmament while US prevents trust building with coercive methods – North Korea

Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula should be implemented in a “step-by-step” manner and accompanied by trust-building measures between Pyongyang and Washington, North Korean Foreign Minister told UNGA. “The reason behind the current deadlock is that the US is relying on the coercive methods that prevent trust building,” Ri Yong-ho said during his speech at the UN General Assembly, referring to ...

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Seven reasons not to trust Facebook to play cupid

This week Facebook has launched a major new product play, slotting an algorithmic dating service inside its walled garden as if that’s perfectly normal behavior for an ageing social network. Insert your [dad dancing GIF of choice] right here. Facebook getting into dating looks very much like a mid-life crisis — as a veteran social network desperately seeks a new ...

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Who do you trust?

Another week, another high-profile hack. This week it was (checks notes) Reddit. What makes this one marginally more interesting is that the victims were using two-factor authentication, i.e. SMS codes texted to them to verify their identities when their accounts were accessed — which turned out to be little more than a speed bump for the attackers. This surprised exactly ...

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‘Destroying trust with 280 Twitter characters’ – France and Germany rally against Trump

France and Germany have scolded President Trump for making a sudden U-turn after he rejected the key document of the G7 summit, jointly adopted just a day earlier. Trump’s move came after clashing with Canadian PM on trade. Upon leaving the summit in Charlevoix, Canada, the US president had publicly lashed out at Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter. ...

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Relations with China? Partnership, trust and… a crate of ice-cream – Putin’s interview top quotes

Russia-China relations are not all about strong economic cooperation and mutual trust, but also the close personal ties between the two leaders, President Vladimir Putin revealed in an interview with Chinese media. The two countries have a lot in common, Putin told with the China Media Group. They share a common history, enjoy long-time friendly relations and have similar goals, striving for ...

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Putin, Shoigu and Lavrov top Russians’ trust rating in poll

President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov top the list of officials who ordinary Russians trust the most, according to a poll conducted by the state-run agency VTSIOM. The results of the research released on Thursday read that 46.9 percent of Russians currently trust President Vladimir Putin, 22 percent placed trust in Sergey Shoigu and ...

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‘Who can trust the US, if bully Trump kills predecessor’s deals?’ – Iran’s national security chief

Tehran has the capacity to withstand Donald Trump’s “bullying,” but his drive to revise or unilaterally scrap the 2015 nuclear deal undermines any credibility Washington might still have, a top Iranian security official has noted. “This is an international agreement … and we certainly have the capacity to defeat your [Donald Trump’s] bullying,” Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s ...

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Facebook will rank news sources by ‘trust’ – but who does Facebook trust?

Facebook will now rank news sources by “trustworthiness,” promoting or suppressing content based on this criterion. However, news organizations enlisted to help define what “trustworthy” is seem to reveal a strong political bias. Speaking at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday – a flashy two-day affair of keynote speeches and after-parties for the Silicon Valley elite – Zuckerberg said ...

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