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Everything we know about Tiffany Trump’s boyfriend, Ross Mechanic

The oft-forgotten Trump daughter has a doting admirer. Tiffany Trump came down the Flying force One staircase to Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday with her registered-Democrat partner, Ross Mechanic, on her arm. So who is this strapping young university student? Here’s everything we know. Mechanic, a 22-year-old senior computer technology major at the University of Pennsylvania, is the kid ...

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Stephen Colbert mocks President Trump’s chocolate cake

Let them bomb Syria. In his return from a weeklong vacation, Stephen Colbert returned to the “Late Show” and took aim at President Trump’s post-bombing interview on Fox Business. “Obviously, when you’re bombing another country, that’s a decision that you take very seriously,” the comedian said about the April 6 bombing, in which the U.S. military launched dozens of cruise ...

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‘NO MORE TOLERANCE’ Donald Trump’s trade tsar blasts ‘rubbish’ EU policies

Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, accused the European Union (EU) of holding the entire world back over its restrictive policies ahead of crucial bank talks this week. Mr Ross blasted the organisation claiming its deficits “eats the surpluses of the whole rest of the world“.  In a scathing assessment New Jersey-born Mr Ross also questioned why the bloc was happy ...

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President Trump’s reelection campaign raises millions in Q1

President Trump is already making campaign finance great again — with three whole years to go until the 2020 election. The Donald J. Trump for President reelection campaign raised $ 7.1 million in the first three months of 2017, according to Federal Election Commission reports filed Friday, with the party apparatus raking in millions more. The Trump campaign and Republican ...

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BREAKING: Donald Trump’s MOAB bomb strike killed ‘at least 36 ISIS jihadis’ in huge blast

The weapon, also known as the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ targeted an Islamic State tunnel system in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. No civilians were harmed while the ISIS base was leveled in the assault, an Afghani defence ministry spokesman has revealed. It is the first time the bomb has been used, unleashing the most powerful blast from a non-nuclear ...

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Bush can’t recall if he called Trump’s inaug speech 'weird s–t'

It’s certainly not a denial. Former President George W. Bush claims he can’t recall whether he blasted President Trump’s sprawling inauguration speech as “some weird s–t.” “If I said it, I don’t remember it,” Bush said after he was asked by NPR’s “Morning Edition” on Thursday if he had actually blurted out, “that was some weird s–t” after listening to ...

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Syria airstrike fits President Trump’s 'AMERICA FIRST' foreign policy, White House claims

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, has said the President was acting in the interests of America when he launched the attack on Syria. President Trump launched dozens of missiles on the air base in Syria, reportedly destroying up to 20 per cent of the nation’s operation aircraft, in response to reports of a suspected chemical attack on citizens ...

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Majority of Americans support Trump’s Syria missile strike: poll

A majority of Americans back President Trump’s decision last week to launch a retaliatory missile strike against Syria, a new poll shows. Fifty-seven percent of respondents approved of Thursday’s air strike, according to a CBS News poll released Monday. Along party lines, 84% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats supported the move. Further American involvement in Syria, however, proved far ...

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TRUMP’S MESSAGE TO KIM: US missile strike on Syria was WARNING to North Korea

On Friday, Washington waded into the crisis in Syria after a chemical weapons attack claimed the lives of 89 people including 33 children.Syrian officials denied using nerve gas however the US struck back regardless -launching 59 Tomahawk missiles at a program air base, which it declares was associated with the chemical attack. The United States has warned Syrian President Bashar ...

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Was Trump’s Syria attack HILLARY CLINTON’S IDEA? Democrat urged US strike hours before

The Democrat was speaking at an event in New York when she was asked how America should react to the claims President Bashar al-Assad’s regime carried out chemical attacks on civilians, killing at least 80 people.Mrs Clinton , who only just recently went back to the political fray after losing the White Home race in November, was unequivocal in her ...

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