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‘Make millions and come back’: Revolving door alive & well in Trump’s Washington

President Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington may be getting mired in the same muck his predecessors struggled with, as lobbyists keep getting government jobs and officials leave to make fortunes elsewhere. Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn resigned on Wednesday, after disagreeing with the president on the issue of steel and aluminum tariffs. At a Thursday ...

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Trump’s tariff bombshell could ignite full-blown trade war & Russia could be the winner

The decision by US President Donald Trump to slap steep import taxes on major trade partners has sparked outcry and vows of retaliation. RT talked to economist Alexandre Kateb to understand how damaging this policy could be. “It is very unusual to announce unilateral measures like these ones, which do not target a particular country like China, but all trade ...

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Trump’s America: weaker, divided & losing international prestige – Chomsky to RT

While its military and economic clout still knows no competition, the world is no longer America’s playground; and with Trump’s isolationist and aggressive stance, the US surrenders positions internationally, Noam Chomsky told RT. In an interview with RT Spanish’s “Conversation with Correa” host and Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa, renowned American philosopher and political scientist Noam Chomsky argued that US ...

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Trump’s my best mate – Farage balks when accused of being pals with Putin

Who is Putin’s best pal? European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans told the European Parliament that he thinks it’s Nigel Farage. Luckily, Farage quickly corrected him, telling the floor it’s actually Donald Trump. “Do Polish people understand that Mr. Farage who speaks out in support of their government is someone who wants to break up the European Union?” Commissioner Frans ...

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'I know my father': Ivanka Trump’s TV riposte about sexual misconduct sets Twitter on fire

Ivanka Trump took offense to a question by a TV interviewer about accusations by several women that her father engaged in sexual misconduct. Her response has caused a flame war on Twitter. During an interview with The Today Show on Monday, NBC reporter Peter Alexander quizzed President Donald Trump’s daughter about accusations of sexual misconduct levied against her father by ...

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‘Like Chavez, Castro or Putin’: Trump’s CPAC speech triggers MSNBC anchors

President Donald Trump’s speech at the CPAC conference sent MSNBC TV anchors into outrage, with Ali Velshi comparing him to the current or former leaders of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Turkey and, of course, Russia. “A sprawling, truly sprawling, meandering speech by the President. The likes of which – I was saying to Stephanie – I’m used to having heard from ...

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'You sure he’s a conservative?' 9 best ad-libs from Trump’s CPAC speech

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) crowd went crazy for President Donald Trump’s keynote speech. But it was his casual quips that really brought down the house. Trump became the first president to appear two years in a row before the whooping crowd of evangelical Christians, NRA members and gung-ho warhawks, at the conference in National Harbor, Maryland. But he ...

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Trump’s green light on FBI memo risks sparking ‘constitutional crisis’ – ex-CIA chief Panetta

Stark warnings continue to be issued over the White House’s decision to release a Republican memo alleging FBI bias and surveillance abuse, with the latest coming from a former CIA director who forecast a “constitutional crisis.” Leon Panetta joined a chorus of protesting voices in an interview with MSNBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ show. He said recent developments surrounding the memo ...

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Trump’s most controversial applause lines from his 1st State of the Union

It was billed as a speech that would unite all Americans, but even with memorable lines, President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address seemed to only sharpen the contrasts between the political right and left. When Trump praised his special guest, 12-year-old Preston Sharp, for helping to place 40,000 American flags on the graves of dead soldiers, the ...

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Too much traditional values, too little Russia-bashing – MSM’s grievances with Trump’s SOTU

As some mainstream media rushed to genuinely fact-check US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, others jumped straight to the fault-finding. Read more In an article hot on the heels of the address, Huffington Post’s Akbar Shahid Ahmed accused Trump of letting Russia off too easy. The president only mentioned Russia once in his speech (as he did ...

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