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Trump’s decision to hold direct talks with Kim ‘courageous & mature’ – Putin

Vladimir Putin admitted that North Korea’s unprecedented steps towards denuclearization came as a surprise to him. He also hailed Donald Trump’s decision to meet Kim Jong-un in Singapore next week as “courageous and mature.” The Russian head of state shared his thoughts on the situation on the Korean peninsula in an exclusive interview with the China Media Group. “We see ...

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Trump’s tariffs to kill thousands of US jobs – study

US President Donald Trump’s trade war is supposed to create more jobs, but a recent study shows the reality may be more bitter for the ‘America First’ policy. Read more The US recently imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from its allies in the European Union, Mexico and Canada. The trade penalties, 25 percent on imported steel and 10 ...

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Douglas Fears named Trump’s homeland security adviser, taking seat vacant since Bolton’s ascent

Rear Admiral Douglas Fears has been named the new homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to the US president, filling the seat left vacant since his predecessor resigned shortly after John Bolton’s appointment. “Doug Fears brings more than three decades of experience across a range of vital homeland security areas including counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and disaster response to the NSC,” White House ...

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Happy birthday, covfefe: Remembering some of Trump’s craziest tweets

One year ago, ‘covfefe’ entered the world’s vocabulary due to a tweet by President Donald Trump. RT looks back at some of Trump’s craziest tweets since he became president. Trump uses Twitter as his primary mode of communication with the world, delivering policy positions and bestowing catchy nicknames on his enemies. Most Americans think the president tweets too much – ...

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Trump’s use of the term ‘witch hunt’ is a ‘Russian tactic’ claims Congresswoman Maxine Waters

If you’ve ever used the term “witch hunt,” you may have unknowingly fallen victim to special Kremlin tactics designed to fool the public, according to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California). In an interview on MSNBC with fellow Russiagate hero Joy Reid, Waters told viewers that Trump’s repeated use of the term “witch hunt” was actually a special “Russian tactic” and not ...

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Trump’s hot hands: From being rejected by Melania to greeting 1,000+ graduates

Donald Trump is famous for his bombastic and controversial tweets, but his hands stole the show when he recently surprised an audience by shaking hands with more than 1,000 Naval Academy graduates in Annapolis, Maryland. The US president arrived on Friday to deliver a commencement address. However, instead of leaving immediately after the speech, he decided to stay and personally ...

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Management purge, US oversight & $1.3bn fine: Trump’s terms to reopen ZTE

China’s telecom giant ZTE will be allowed to buy from US suppliers again if it changes its management team, installs US compliance officers and pays a $ 1.3 billion fine, according to a Trump administration proposal. The US Commerce Department communicated the terms of the deal to Congress on Friday, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed congressional aide. If ZTE agrees ...

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‘Obama already did it to the French’: WikiLeaks weighs in on Trump’s ‘Spygate’ claims

US President Donald Trump has seemingly found a ‘Spygate’ ally in WikiLeaks, after the whistleblowing organization tweeted to remind the public of CIA “espionage orders” for the 2012 French election. Reports that domestic intelligence chiefs in the US instructed an FBI informant to contact Trump’s campaign team during the 2016 US presidential election have incensed the current US commander-in-chief. In ...

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Animals times ten: White House doubles down on Trump’s MS-13 remark

The Trump administration is doubling down on his description of the Mara Salvatrucha gang as “animals,” using the term ten times in a White House statement after the media storm surrounding the president’s remark. “MS-13 is a transnational gang that has brought violence, fear, and suffering to American communities,” said the White House statement about the gang, released Monday. “President ...

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Putin, Merkel discuss defense against Trump’s sanctions drive

Sanctions imposed by the Trump administration that could hurt companies in Germany and Russia were among the issues discussed by President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel during their latest meeting. Merkel arrived in the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi to meet Putin on Friday, around a year after her previous visit in 2017. Both leaders have had their ...

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