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‘We will respond’ EU anger as Trump’s steel war is hitting bloc ‘very hard’

US President Donald Trump ordered an investigation into curbing steel imports amid “national security” fears in April.  Washington is expected to decide whether to impose tariffs this week.  The investigation has mainly been aimed at cheap imports from China but has sparked concern from European steel exporters who worry they will be targeted by the US crackdown. The EU’s trade ...

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Trump’s FBI pick scrubbed Russia-related case from law firm bio

President Trump’s pick to head the FBI eighty-sixed a case involving the Russian government from a bio on his law firm’s website this year, according to a report Tuesday. White-collar crime defender Christopher Wray — tapped to head the agency after James Comey’s surprise firing — scrubbed “an energy company president in a criminal investigation by Russian authorities” from a ...

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Conway: Trump’s investigation tweet was highlighting ‘irony’

Slow down there, Alanis Morissette. Kellyanne Conway on Monday chalked up President Trump’s apparent confirmation that he was under FBI investigation to “irony” — the latest logic-defying explanation for the commander-in-chief’s tweets. Conway, during her visit to “Fox and Friends,” echoed an argument advanced by Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow on the Sunday-show circuit one day earlier. “That’s the president’s personal ...

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Trump’s massive Afghanistan mistake

After President Trump gave Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis the authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced it will send an additional 4,000 troops to the embattled nation. Mattis, who has acknowledged that the United States is “not winning in Afghanistan right now,” is believed to favor a more aggressive strategy that would require thousands more troops ...

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GOP pols clash over Trump’s choice to reverse Obama Cuba policies

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s decision to reverse some Obama-era Cuba policies landed with a thud among many congressional Republicans who say the new approach surrenders a potentially lucrative market for American goods and services to competitors. While anti-Castro conservatives hailed Trump’s partial roll-back of President Barack Obama’s detente, a number of other GOP lawmakers, particularly from farm states, criticized ...

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Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain postponed over concerns of mass protests

An organisation called the Stop Trump Coalition has threatened to mobilise the biggest demonstration ever seen in the UK if the president arrives. Plans for a massive security operation to protect the visiting US head of state were being drawn up. Sources claimed the President spoke to the Prime Minister about his concerns in “recent weeks”. Their conversation is said ...

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Donald Trump’s approval ratings plummet as support among loyal base fades, poll reveals

A Quinnipiac University poll shows a considerable decline in the number of American’s who “strongly approve” of Mr Trump. Those who strongly approve of Mr Trump peaked at 30 per cent in February compared to just 21 or 22 per cent of the electorate now. In addition, voters who strongly disapprove of Mr Trump outnumber those who strongly approve of ...

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North Korea slams ‘selfish’ U.S. over Trump’s Paris accord exit

President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement has even North Korea fuming. The isolated dictatorship — one of 195 signatories to the historic climate accord — shamed Trump’s “selfish” and “ignorant” exit in a tongue-lashing Tuesday that somehow shoehorned in U.S. criticism of the North’s budding nuclear arsenal. “This is the height of egoism and moral vacuum seeking only ...

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Trump’s Paris Accord withdrawal earns 57% disapproval rating

American voters overwhelmingly disapprove of President Trump’s controversial decision last week to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, a new poll out Wednesday shows. Nearly six in 10 (57%) of voters said they opposed Trump’s withdrawal from the deal, while just 24% said they agreed with the decision, the latest Politico / Morning Consult survey found. The ...

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Trump’s push to quickly repeal Obamacare may stall

WASHINGTON — President Trump and Senate GOP leaders are hoping to push forward Obamacare repeal sooner rather than later – but a number of rank-and-file Republicans expressed pessimism about the bill’s progress as they unveiled their latest progress during their first conference-wide meeting since a weeklong break. “I think it’s more likely to fail than not,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) ...

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