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‘US expelling America’s friends’: Russian Ambassador decries Trump’s move as diplomats leave DC

The US is expelling those who’ve been building bridges between Russia and America in business, science and culture, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov said in an address as Russian diplomats and their families left Washington, DC. “The US authorities have expelled American friends,” Antonov said of the departing diplomats in a video address. “They are not the US enemies… Our ...

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Jimmy Carter says Trump’s NSC adviser choice Bolton is ‘disaster for our country’

The 39th US President has slammed Donald Trump’s pick of Bush-era war hawk John Bolton to lead the National Security Council. The effects of the move, which has sparked a lot of criticism, could be disastrous, Jimmy Carter said. The 93-year-old former President has echoed the concerns of Democratic lawmakers that have been sounding the alarm over Trump’s decision to ...

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Trump’s spending bill signature alienates conservatives

Conservatives have hit out at President Donald Trump for signing the $ 1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill, which significantly increased military spending but failed to fund Trump’s Mexican border wall. The bill allocated $ 700 billion to the Department of Defense, a $ 61 billion hike since last year, and the largest military spending increase in 15 years. Trump’s wall, ...

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Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

The newly appointed US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, tried to persuade Israel to conduct a pre-emptive strike against Iran before it achieved nuclear weapons capability, Israel’s ex-Defense Minister has revealed. “I got to know John Bolton when he was the US ambassador to the United Nations,” Shaul Mofaz said at a conference of former IDF chiefs. “He tried to ...

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Trump’s new national security advisor has ties to Cambridge Analytica

Trump’s third national security advisor John Bolton shares at least one thing in common with his first one, Michael Flynn: both men have ties to Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm at the center of a new Facebook privacy firestorm. In a new story, The New York Times reports that John Bolton’s political action committee The John Bolton Super PAC ...

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Russian & US top generals discuss situation in Syria following Trump’s call to Putin

Senior Russian and US military officials have held talks on Syria. Though details remain undisclosed, the exchanges are seen as a reassuring sign that the military is keeping a cool head amid the tense political atmosphere. The head of the Russian General Staff, First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov, had a phone call with the Chairman of the US Joint ...

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John Dowd resigns as Trump’s top attorney in Mueller’s Russia probe

US President Donald Trump’s lead lawyer, John Dowd, has resigned from the legal team handling Trump’s response to Mueller’s special counsel inquiry. It comes as Trump faces pressure to testify in Mueller’s Russia probe.   Dowd’s resignation on Thursday, first reported by the New York Times, represents a major shake-up to Trump’s legal team. “I love the President and wish ...

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Trump’s Trudeau lie: President’s bizarre confession sends Twitter into overdrive

Twitter has exploded over reports US President Donald Trump used a fundraising speech with donors to brag about lying to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trump was referring to supposed trade deficits. According to the Washington Post, audio obtained of the speech reveals how Trump told a fundraiser on Wednesday that he made up trade statistics with America’s closest ally. ...

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Use the Space Force! Internet sniggers over Trump’s idea for cosmic army

US President Donald Trump appears ready to build an intergalactic army after suggesting the establishment of an armed unit tentatively known as ‘Space Force’ – and the internet is ablaze with hilarious reactions. “Space is a warfighting domain, just like the land, air and sea. We may even have a space force, develop another one, we have army, the navy,” ...

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“Opening Pandora’s box”: Russian weapons chief blasts Trump’s Space Force plans

The Russian deputy PM in charge of the defense industry, Dmitry Rogozin, has warned US President Donald Trump against taking the arms race into space, hinting at unpredictable negative consequences of such a plan. “If this statement means placing weapons in space, the USA is opening Pandora’s box,” Rogozin wrote on Facebook after reposting a news report about Trump’s announcement ...

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