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Trump’s grand military parade postponed until next year

An extravagant military parade planned by President Trump for November in Washington DC has been put on hold until next year. The parade was reportedly set to cost more than $ 90 million. “We originally targeted November 10, 2018 for this event but have now agreed to explore opportunities in 2019,” the Department of Defense said in a statement. Trump ...

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Who’s the boss? US officials work behind Trump’s back to broker NATO deal – report

US President Donald Trump is deemed a hurdle to foreign policy by his own administration, the New York Times has alleged, in an explosive piece detailing the lengths high-level officials would go to to circumvent the POTUS. According to the New York Times, national security adviser John Bolton and other officials worked together to ensure that July’s NATO declaration –usually ...

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Merchandise already? Trump’s Space Force logo contest triggers avalanche of ‘better’ designs

President Donald Trump’s proposal to create the US Space Force will take years to implement at best, but that’s not stopping his re-election campaign from fundraising with branded merchandise. Critics are not amused. Just hours after Vice President Mike Pence announced at the Pentagon that the target date for establishing the Space Force is sometime in 2020, the Trump-Pence re-election ...

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Europe ‘needs to get a backbone’ when it comes to Trump’s Iran sanctions — Ron Paul to RT

Washington is powerful, but Europe needs to “stick to its guns” against President Donald Trump’s threats that any countries doing business with Iran will not to do business with the US, according to former Congressman Ron Paul. In an interview with RT, Paul said that while the US can “throw its weight around” the EU needs to “get some backbone” ...

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West Hollywood gives green light for removal of Trump’s Walk of Fame star

The city of West Hollywood has voted unanimously in favor of removing President Donald Trump’s star at the Walk of Fame, citing Russiagate allegations as well as his take on women, immigration and transgender soldiers. Read more The five-member city council approved a proposal put forth by West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore John D’Amico and Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath, who called ...

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Rouhani blasts Trump’s ‘psychological warfare’ as Iran braces for US sanctions

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has slammed US President Donald Trump’s offer for direct talks as a disingenuous PR stunt for domestic consumption while the “untrustworthy” Washington only increases its sanctions against Tehran. In his first public statement since Trump signed an executive order reinstating sanctions against Tehran, Rouhani said that he will not negotiate with Washington while being sanctioned at ...

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Iran’s elite guards shoot down Trump’s meeting offer

The head of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has said that Iranian officials would never meet with Donald Trump, “or any other US president.” “Mr Trump! Iran is not North Korea to accept your offer for a meeting,” said IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari as quoted by the state Fars News agency. “Even US presidents after you will not ...

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Why Trump’s car tariffs are doomed to failure: RT’s Boom Bust explains

In the new episode of Boom Bust, Professor of Economics Richard D. Wolff analyses possible US trade tariffs on European cars. Wolff explains how the history of the global automotive market has brought us to this trade conflict between Washington and Brussels. The professor predicts that this plan by President Donald Trump is likely to fail, in the same way ...

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Putin portrait briefly appeared in Colorado Capitol where Trump’s one still missing (PHOTO)

Trump’s portrait is not on display in the Colorado Capitol building because of a failure to raise funds… but Vladimir Putin’s one apparently briefly was. The blank space was used for a photobomb by unknown culprit. While official paintings of George W. Bush and Barack Obama occupy their respective slots, there is still a blank space on the Colorado Capitol’s ...

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Twitter ‘shadow banning’ is Trump’s latest social media cause

The president’s latest Twitter target is Twitter itself. This morning, Trump took to the platform to call out the alleged “shadow banning” of Republican users. It’s the latest in long standing conservative and right-wing complaints regarding perceived unfair treatment at the hands of social media platforms. This latest round stems, in part, from a recent Vice story highlighting Twitter’s removal ...

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