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Trump back to slamming Middle East wars as he pushes infrastructure spending

US President Donald Trump has revived the anti-war rhetoric of his election campaign days. Promising to boost infrastructure investment, he bashed the “stupidity” of spending $ 7 trillion on Middle East conflicts. “This will be a big week for infrastructure,” Trump tweeted on Monday morning. “After so stupidly spending $ 7 trillion in the Middle East, it is now time ...

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Envelope with 'white powder' sent to Trump Jr's residence, wife in hospital

The wife of Donald Trump Jr. has been taken to hospital in New York after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder. According to ABC news, Vanessa Trump opened the letter after it was addressed to Donald Trump Jr and was sent to the couple’s apartment on East 54th street in Manhattan. She reportedly opened the letter just ...

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Putin discusses Israel-Palestine conflict with Trump via phone ahead of Abbas meeting

President Vladimir Putin told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas he discussed the Arab-Israeli peace process during a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump, Russian media reports. Putin made the remarks while meeting with Abbas on Monday evening, TASS reports. “I just had a phone conversation with the President of the United States of America, [Donald] Trump,” the Russian President ...

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ISS Inc: Trump plans to privatize space station in 2024 – reports

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to privatize the International Space Station (ISS). According to a NASA document seen by the Washington Post the administration wants to handover some of the space station’s operations to private industry after 2024. The news follows reports last month that the US government is keen to cease funding the habitable satellite in order to ...

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Trump ‘not necessarily sure’ Israelis & Palestinians are looking to make peace

Donald Trump has not expanded on his vision for the Israel-Palestine peace process. He has however noted that neither side appears to be “looking to make peace” since he officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump made the controversial announcement on December 6 last year, instructing the State Department to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the ...

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‘People’s lives destroyed by a mere allegation’: Trump weighs in on #MeToo movement

US President Donald Trump has often been accused of misogyny both before and throughout his time in office, but he has largely ignored the message of the #MeToo movement, until now. Trump began Saturday morning with his almost daily tweetstorm of talking points, ranging from US unemployment statistics, to alleging the Democrats are playing political hardball with their use of ...

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Trump orders Democrats to rewrite memo claiming it’s ‘too long & political’

US President Donald Trump told Democrats they would have to “re-do” their rebuttal to a Republican memo alleging FBI bias against him because it is “very political and long.” The 10-page document, written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee in response to the Republican memo which accused both the FBI and the Department of Justice of bias against Trump ...

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Meeting of ‘Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump’ bemuses locals on streets of Seoul (VIDEO)

Despite threatening to bomb each other off the face of the earth, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump appeared to be hanging out with each other in downtown Seoul on Friday. Of course it wasn’t the actual, larger-than-life leaders, rather it was a pair of impersonators who caused quite a stir amongst locals and tourists in ...

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US spies paid ‘Russians’ $100k for stolen NSA tools, but got dud ‘Trump secrets’ they didn’t want?

US spies trying to recover their classified hacking tools have been conned by a man they believed was linked to Russian intelligence, who fed them $ 100,000-worth of ‘gossip’ about Trump, according to the NYT and the Intercept. The CIA and NSA were engaged in secret negotiations with a “Russian intermediary” last year in a desperate effort to retrieve documents ...

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Changes needed: Trump returns ‘sensitive’ memo to House Democrats

US President Donald Trump has declined to make public a memo written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, saying that it requires additional revisions to remove sensitive and classified information. The 10-page document, authored by Representative Adam Schiff (D-California), contains “numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages,” says a letter from the White House counsel Don McGahn, sent to ...

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