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US media claims Trump betrayed America with Putin meeting – Republican voters say otherwise

Despite breathless reports insisting that President Donald Trump betrayed America by meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, a vast majority of Republicans approve of his dealings with Moscow, according to a new poll. The Reuters/Ipsos survey, which was conducted after the headline-grabbing summit, found that 71 percent of the president’s Republican base thinks that Trump is doing a good job ...

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Whoopi Goldberg demands Homeland Security stage Trump intervention

As pundits across the US continue their descent into rage over President Donald Trump’s “treasonous” meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Whoopi Goldberg has called on Homeland Security to intervene. Speaking on ‘The View’ on Monday, Goldberg and her fellow presenters competed to see who could be the most enraged about Trump’s behavior at the Helsinki summit with Putin. John ...

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Coincidence or conspiracy? Lights go out on Trump and Putin when talking about US intel agencies

When Trump was expressing his “full faith” in US intelligence agencies yesterday, the lights suddenly went out — and it’s not the first time a mention of the US intelligence agencies was followed by an unexpected blackout. At the exact moment Trump expressed confidence in US intelligence services, the lights in the room dimmed, causing the president to immediately react ...

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Trump calls Germany slave to Russian gas but is US overly dependent on Russian oil?

At last week’s NATO meeting in Brussels, President Trump criticized Germany’s reliance on Russian natural gas, saying “Germany is totally controlled by Russia.” “They will be getting between 60 and 70 percent of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline,” he said. President Trump’s point was that Germany’s purchases of Russian natural gas were making Russia richer, and that ...

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Haters would rather ‘go to war’ than see me getting along with Putin – Trump

In a fresh tweet President Donald Trump has said some people would rather “go to war” than see him getting along with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He added that the “haters” merely want “a boxing match.” Starting the morning with a fresh post, Trump gave credit to his press conference following a landmark gathering with Putin in Finland on Monday. ...

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What did Trump promise Putin? Bring his interpreter to Congress & find out, Democrats insist

Did Donald Trump secretly surrender America to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki? Suspicious Democrats want to know the truth by bringing the State Department interpreter to testify before Congress. The first direct Trump-Putin talks on Monday were savaged by the critics. The US president was branded a “traitor” and “Putin’s poodle,” with political opponents and some members of his own party ...

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‘No rush for speed’ in N. Korea’s denuclearization, sanctions still in place – Trump

There is “no rush” on North Korean denuclearization for the US, at least according to Donald Trump… despite the earlier ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, demanding that Pyongyang start the process “very quickly.” Trump tweeted the remark on Wednesday, promising “big benefits and exciting future” for Pyongyang “at end of process.” The president echoed his own statement to reporters from a day before, when he said that “we ...

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Three out of four Democrats want ‘fresh face’ to take on Trump in 2020

As speculation mounts over who, if anyone, can unseat US President Donald Trump in 2020, 73 percent of Democrats want their party to move away from the familiar candidates and run someone new. Among likely Democrat voters, only 16 percent think the party should promote a candidate who has run before, like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, a Rasmussen poll ...

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Trump says discussed Middle East with Putin, made progress on conflicts

US President Donald Trump has said that he discussed the Middle East conflicts with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki and said he hoped that at some point Iran would call him and say “let’s make a deal”. Read more Speaking from the White House a day after meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Trump said that US-Russia relations have never ...

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'No collusion,' but don't see any reason it 'wouldn't be Russia' -Trump says he misspoke in Helsinki

US President Donald Trump has said he accepts the US intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election, but said that Russia’s actions had no impact on the election outcome. Trump also said he accepts the US intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election, but said that Russia’s actions had no impact on ...

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