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Troops on Mexican border can’t enforce immigration laws – California governor

After initially approving 400 troops for President Donald Trump’s border deployment plan, California Governor Jerry Brown has reportedly placed conditions on their use for immigration enforcement, angering federal officials. Trump announced the deployment of the National Guard along the border in early April as part of a crackdown on illegal border crossings from Mexico. Until Congress approves funding for the ...

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Trump wants to pull troops from Syria 'as quickly as possible,' but it won't be very quick

US President Donald Trump wants to bring troops back from Syria as soon as possible, the White House said, but not before their goals are fulfilled. Earlier, the French president said he had convinced Trump the troops had to stay. “The US mission has not changed – the president has been clear that he wants US forces to come home ...

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Troops on the border: Trump ups ante in immigration battle

Until the wall along the border with Mexico can be built, US troops will be deployed to prevent illegal crossings, President Donald Trump has announced. “Until we can have a Wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military,” Trump said on Tuesday, at a working lunch with presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at ...

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Palestinians clash with Israeli troops at huge #GreatReturn protest on Gaza border (WATCH LIVE)

Clashes have broken out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops as thousands gather along the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel for a massive, six week-long protest. The ‘Great Return’ got underway on Friday as Palestinians gathered to hold a mass rally to commemorate Land Day, which marks the killing of six unarmed civilians by Israeli forces in 1976. ...

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Assad visits troops and civilians in eastern Ghouta (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Syrian President Bashar Assad has visited eastern Ghouta on Sunday for the first time in years, where a military operation to retake the area from militants is ongoing and a steady stream of civilians are fleeing to safety. Footage and photos released by the presidency and state media SANA show Assad meeting with frontline soldiers and some of those displaced ...

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Lavrov has ‘no regular terms’ to describe US threat to attack Syrian troops

The US is trying to cover up its own failure to force armed groups in Syria to de-escalate violence as it blames Russia and Iran for ongoing hostilities in Eastern Ghouta, the Russian foreign minister has said. Sergey Lavrov was referring to accusations voiced by US Representative at the UN Nikki Haley, who said the US may take military action ...

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Turkey will confront Syrian troops entering Afrin to protect Kurds — FM

On the back of reports that Syrian pro-government forces are to enter Afrin, Ankara said “no one can stop” its soldiers if “the regime” comes to help Kurdish militias, but added that Syrians fighting them will be “no problem.” Turkish troops will respond to Syrian pro-government forces entering the northwest Afrin province depending on their objective, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut ...

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S. Korea all smiles at Olympics, but troops stay ready in massive SE Asia drills (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

South Korea has deployed hundreds of troops to Thailand to participate in the annual Asia-Pacific Cobra Gold military exercises, taking place between February 13 and 23, organized by the US and Thai militaries. Exercise Cobra Gold was launched in 1981, with South Korea formally joining the drills in 2010. This year, a combat unit of over 430 South Korean sailors ...

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US troops in Kurdish uniform may be targeted by Olive Branch forces – Turkish Deputy PM

US troops fighting alongside Syrian Kurdish militias in the same uniform may be targeted by the Turkish army due to the difficulty of distinguishing them in the heat of battle, Turkey’s Deputy PM has warned. The unambiguous warning comes at a time when Turkish troops are making further advances into the Kurdish-held Syrian province of Afrin as part of ‘Operation ...

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