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Laptop explodes at Madrid Metro, passengers to spill onto train tracks in panic to escape smoke

At least six have been injured following an explosion in the Madrid Metro after a girl’s laptop exploded in her bag. According to local media, the blast sparked scenes of panic as passengers thought the explosion was a bomb. Ambulances and police were called to the subway station to treat and evacuate passengers following the explosion at about 9am on ...

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Facebook rolls out photo/video fact checking so partners can train its AI

Sometimes fake news lives inside of Facebook as photos and videos designed to propel misinformation campaigns, instead of off-site on news articles that can generate their own ad revenue. To combat these politically rather than financially motivated meddlers, Facebook has to be able to detect fake news inside of images and the audio that accompanies video clips. Today its expanding ...

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Train derailment in South Dallas, at least 3 cars left tracks – police

Published time: 10 Sep, 2018 11:09 Edited time: 10 Sep, 2018 11:44 A train has derailed in South Dallas, Texas, with at least three cars going off the tracks, according to local media reports. There are no reported injuries, but a roadway will be closed for several hours while response teams work to clear the scene, a CBS affiliate reported, ...

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Pentagon seeking contractors to train Saudi pilots on US soil amid bloody Yemen air campaign

The Pentagon plans to hire private contractors to train Saudi military pilots on US soil, documents show. Human Rights Watch (HRW) called the move disturbing amid outcry over US involvement in Saudi Arabia’s air campaign in Yemen. The US Air Force is currently soliciting private contractors for training Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) personnel, the federal documents reveal. Conveniently, contractors ...

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Soldier survives head-on hit by subway train in St. Petersburg (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A soldier has miraculously survived a head-on collision with a subway train in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, sustaining only minor injuries and bruises after crashing into the train so hard that its windshield cracked. The bizarre incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, briefly disrupting St. Petersburg’s subway services. Footage and photos from the scene show a bloodied man in ...

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‘Sinners will die’: German ‘evangelical Christians’ cause mayhem on Spanish train (VIDEO)

Spanish police have detained nine German citizens who engaged in “religious propaganda” and caused panic on the Valencia metro on Sunday. The troublemakers, who called themselves “evangelical Christians” began shouting at passengers between the Xativa and Alameda metro stations, according to the Europa Press news agency. According to eyewitness reports, the group of Germans shouted warnings that other passengers would ...

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Flooded train station? Just swim on ducky float and ignore traffic chaos (VIDEOS)

Heavy rains across Sweden in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave have turned Uppsala Central Station into a swimming pool. While some commuters struggled to reach firm ground, others turned it into a Nordic Luau. Water filled the corridors of the Uppsala main railway station following torrential summer rain, disrupting traffic at Sweden’s fourth largest city on Sunday. While ...

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Horrified passengers rush to save woman dragged by moving train (VIDEO)

The death-defying moment a woman was saved from being dragged right under a moving train in Mumbai has been captured on CCTV. The close call took place at Mumbai’s Kanjurmarg railway station on Tuesday, when a woman slipped while boarding a local train. Luckily, a quick-thinking Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer came to rescue and grabbed the woman before disaster ...

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Passenger dragged by moving train in shocking CCTV footage (VIDEO)

CCTV cameras caught the horrifying moment a passenger was dragged along a platform in India by a train that threatened to pull him under its wheels. The young man was attempting to board a train at Panvel Station in Mumbai on Saturday, when he became stuck between the train’s closing doors, according to the Times of India. The railway station’s ...

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On track: Train link to Crimean Bridge is almost complete

More than 80 percent of railway track to the newly-built bridge linking Russia with Crimea is complete, according to the project’s website. The railroad will link the bridge with the transport system of Crimea and mainland Russia. Construction and installation works are being carried out along the entire length of the route. It is constructed using a continuous welded railroad ...

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